Part 2 Why You Should NOT Buy Car Parts At AutoZone O'reilley Auto Parts or Advanced Auto parts

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Automatic available in diesel

Automatic available in diesel

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Every GTA is better

Every GTA is better

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Always informative!

Always informative!

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Question. I have a 300 credits card limit. I spent 300 and before the statement I pay 250 back and 10 day later before it due I pay the 50 dollar. Is that ok?

Ashish Jaiswal

Very informative video. Could you please make a video for the repayment of education loan. As in how much amount should be paid back to bank during moratorium period.

Rip Off

Insurance.A used door was put on my car and State Farm blamed the body shop who did the repair when the body filler fell out of their cheap junkyard door, the factory door had no previous damage... "The Pamphlet" is your contract, its not on your policy LMAO

Emil Bader

Awesome work. Thank you for postingsuch wonderful information and craftsmanship.

John R.

2:20 i have that exact same calculator.. even the design is the same...

Weez naz

I’m coming back to this video after a few years. Beginning to think of retirement planning. Thank you John for all you do.

Kulvinder Singh

Very informative video bro. I am going to purchase acar and thinking about Celerio (with ABS Airbags). What's your opinion bro?

thasleema thasleema

entae jeevitham nalla reethiyilala usthath duaacheyanam aameen

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Connor Knipes

I wish they had filled cars with water more often. So creative!

Jaynie Prescott

Thanks for the video - very helpful! I do have a q My current Citibank Visa statement shows closing date 9/18/17 with payment due 9/14/17. Yes, it really shows that on the statement! I've only had this c/c since June and I've been stumped ever since every statement shows this pattern - due date before closing date or is this not unusual? So based on your strategy which date is the best date to pay? TYIA for everything you do, my FICO has gone up since applying your methods!

Artemii T

You know what? I'd have both

Frank Kush

Brittish twats.

Daniel Hanlon

4:26 - Clarkson's reaction


"funniest moments"no Katherine RyanPerfect.

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Sir meri Job 5 year ki Baki hai ma home loan lena chahta hu But maine EMI 10 saal ki krwani hai kya je Ho skta hai Govt. Job pe hu ma