Own Damage (OD) Premium explained - Car Insurance Basics by Reliance General Insurance

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Nice video Ravi ji, thanks for the video, pretty useful information.Very well explained and quite practical to follow.Bibi bech main bolna zarooi hy.The industry, the way it works( it's communication style) has its challenges.Didn’t he just say the dealer processing fee was bs.

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What should i do?

What should i do?

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and it tracks all your movements.

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bhaai veterinary sciences me Mphil kii fees aur adminision pr video ban do

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I was given a suggestion to transfer my finances to a credit union from my current bank. This video has been very helpful in teaching me the difference between the two. Thank you!

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Excellent bro.

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good advice, its working for me.stay away from credit one, it looks like capital one. 8.31 monthly maintenance fee.