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8:00 she was like, wait wait wait wait let me check this out.) just charge him for the work done and give car back if he would want to.I love those "BRA" seats ).Keep it simple, just pay down the mortgage, it's a guaranteed return and creates peace of mind, unlike the stock market which is no guarantee and causes most people anxiety.You are very smart and i appreciate the fact you are sharing all these knowledge.And constantly regurgitating your story to multiple faceless people.

Bt she hv no DL and she never drive's.I think the majority of people cause their own financial problems as youtalked about.55% (25L) I gave 6L with 12% returns.But as long as I can verify that everything works, I'll definitely make a custom box for it, with some small used monitor.Also it could have changed to more of a moment's program than a product.I have to use only cash for spending, debit for paying utilities and rent.

I bought my wife a brand new,

I bought my wife a brand new,

How much for a garage like that with a concrete floor cause I'm moving soon and look to have one built.Reasonable insurance Chahiye sir.Got the Mclaren right there, sun shining, beautifal, nitro etc.Tall Guy to make your life easier get insurance with that speed camera monitor to prove how fast your going so that they leave you alone because jealousy is a MFp.I can't tell what in the blinkin blazes he's sayin 90% of the time.The Indian Fuel Stations would then sell the bad fuel at a very low price, which resulted in hugh profits including Federal State Fuel Taxes for all.I don't think he knows that at age of 25, there are no term insurance for 30 or 40 years.Good luck refinancing a vehicle if you owe double the book value.

We can't drive in low rpm.

We can't drive in low rpm.

If I buy I get the tax credit.Democratic socialists.Ujjivan sfb ka FD interest upto 9.Stating a job at 48k he should pay that down as a high priority and it could be done in 3 or 4 years no problem.Sunroof car undo.Have people forgot that you can buy cars in cash?Dude i cant thank you enough for making this Video ive leased many cars but i always feel like im getting Fucked.They are just doing their job.

It is very helpful.And I don't want pay out for credit monitoring service.That wasn't so hard, was it?1: Reach 190 pounds new by June 20202: Pay off my Debt by June 20203: Have 3 months of expenses by Dec 20204: Get rid of all my clutter by May 20205: Prep all my meals each week.Aapne kitni achhi jankari Di.0:45 always look.If any problem in bumper and radiator and my car is 4 year old.Let's see from down to upFirst see the people of Pakistan, they are so illiterate, some of them are genious no doubt, but most of people are illiterate, they want only job, that's it!

Next to voting Democrat.Hello sir, can you please tell is Acko insurance is good, they said they are tie-up with hyundia.Extremely boring.I would reaaaalllllyyyy like a Chevy SS.Very very very bad company swiggy.I pay $540 a month on a 2015 Q50 and I’m 20 shits crazy.Also, restaurants is limited to the 2% category and there is a limit of $2000, then it defaults to 1%.I remember my dad lamenting "the kids won't know how to do math in their head.Do I save some money for my goals?Your breakdown really helped!

I love how they all just assume our

I love how they all just assume our

Mere ki Lakta hai ki hard tech platform tin ka Dabba hai aur yeah sahi nahi kia hai.Where did he do the 3 point turn?To see if I can throw him off.So great to see!Thanks Kevin I live in NEW YORK was eager to buy an apartment in Pune.Wtf you got this for 500i bought my MX5 in worse shape for 1800Germany is just a joke.I have finished the game and have $40million so rebuying is not an issue.Hmm wonder what was the motivation.5 lac tak Hon sub to sub acha he.

Can I keep car and money?Be patient, and relax for it is coming.It's been a year and two months since purchase.Where can I check my loan eligibility for a home?What card would you say is the best for getting cash back?

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Good morning How can I round up on a timesheet to include working up to or past midnight? I get in the total column. Is there a formula to override it?

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A SPECT scan costs $3950, multiply that times 83,000 people = $327,850,000!!!YOU have to pay. Dr. Amen does not tell you the reason why Insurance Companis won’t pay!

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UsBank cash plus card offers cash back from three self selected categories. Two at 5% and one at 2%. You choose from a wide variety of retailers and other category options. Categories vary from car rental, groceries, cell phone bill payments to movie theater purchases. Five percent rebate is maximized at $2,000 worth of spending any spending after that only gets 1% rebate.


It makes me angry when people drive by and dont help >:(