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I'm so lost and confused by the whole process.I would reaaaalllllyyyy like a Chevy SS.Since we're here, I'll just take a moment to thank you for dropping by and watching this video.Rags to riches is incredibly difficult, but riches to rags can happen in the blink of an eye.Should hav bought the Hyundaicoupe as well and race against the mx5.I think I'm gonna go with the multimillionaires advice.You havefastest car in the gamep.Always do your research before buying a car.

Hopefully prices will continue to fall, and they'll decide to come east.I liked how you explained the concepts.Bahut ganda work hua hai from service centre.

Oh no, you fcuked up again, no worries tho, harmless plug for the garage again.A cheese ball W T F.I am so upset and angry!Premium ek baar he pay karna padega kya or pahle insurance hai ya nahi iska kya kare.Solved this problem for my.

Thank you for

Thank you for

Kidilam ayittu explain cheyithu.To bad Ford copies eveything GM does.Fuck no one in hervey bay knows how to drive.Tesla is the way to go!The link of canara bank isnt workingCheck whats the fault.Bad Ice Cream 3 unblocked is great game on hudgames.

So pay after

So pay after

No one in America will have Freedom as long as this Targeted Individuals Mind Control torture program runs in America.This video could save many people a lot of headaches, thanks for informing us. ----- Rajasthan " - " Premium project.The Merc EQC is just an ageing GLC with a different front bar - it has a transmission tunnel FFS.Sirf yahudi (Jews) hi is video ko unlike Kare ge ya phir phiir babo wale.


In school I used my graphic TI calculator to play a game about being a pimp and driving a Ford Pinto. That's all I can remember from those days.

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Best video

Muhammad Inaam

games k duranis bat ki shrt lgana k jo hary ga wo khany k liay kuch la ay ga aur doono yeni loser aur winner dono mil k khayn gy kia ye jaiz hai

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Sir it's projector headlamps are in square in shape

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I only have white smoke when its cold , when its warm is lot less to almost nothing . but this can also mean my exhaust is full of crap right ?

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Yanks thoroughly enjoy buying things that they can't afford.


The legend says in Michigan there used to be a dealer called Pointe Dodge that was lovingly referred to as Gun Pointe Dodge

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50 crore salary to ho gi???60,70 business?????


What do you think about NIO. I am considering buying some of that stock.

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That’s cool as hell. Playing with a coin. Definitely improvising, even with his guitar lol he and his dad built that guitar out of pieces from his home. The dude is a genius. I also believe he has a masters in astronomy as well. Crazy

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You need a side-kick.

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Hi guys, you guys are amazing! There's 1 doubt have, in case i am driving a car which is on my father's name, n insurance is also on his name, will i be given the benefit for it in canada?

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Invest in something that will cash flow at a min 5% annual return on your out of pocket cost. With the low int rates and the history of appreciating rents (hopefully property appreciation as well) you could in theory raise rents 5-10% each yr


Lol never thought I'd see Scotty approve of my daily driver. I have a silver 2007 SLK55. It's a solid sweet car and one of my 3 AMGs.

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Make it happen:

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o no its feldman the "apparantly" kid

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Maruti vale indians ko bevkuf samjte h

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Shame they killed so many lovely old BL cars.

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nitin gupta


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