Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

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Now I'm craving Taco Bell.

Now I'm craving Taco Bell.

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I put 2k

I put 2k

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Sir abhi mere ko apni car ka insurenskarana haito samaj me nahi aa rha kon sa karaun plze btao

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It is literally smaller than most entry level full size trucks. You will be fine.


Do ppl still actually buy carfax reports in 2019?Almost all used car listed on autotrader for example have a direct link to the complete carfax report right in the ad for free.

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back seat is too basic

belinho beli

This is completely different in mac. Impossible to learn on mac

cat work


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Ok everyone. I need some advice. I've never read Dave's books but love watching his lessons on here. Me and my wife are debt free other than the house. We live below our means. My house payment is 900$ and the rest of our bills are less than $500. We take home about $5500 a month. (I'm a plumber and she works in an office) our cars are paid for. My Question is that I really, really want a NEW truck. I dont need a 60k truck, but I need something to drive, haul for the house and haul for side jobs. I've been saving up cash to pay for it. Would dave approve buying a new truck if I paid cash? The trucks I'm looking at are about 30k. I've saved up about 18k as of now and will have enough in the next few months. I plan on keeping this vehicle for life. Would it be better to throw the money at the house?

bullet raza

ihave desire 2016 model vxi

The road and mountain cyclists

im learning I didn'tknow you have to turned key out of ignition to use your phone I just pass my testand good thing I keep the phone away at all times


I love everything Doug does!!!!!!

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Sir explain the English

Payam E Islam.

Very very thanks bro

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4:45 well I guess that truckload of prime was lying because of it was loaded the wind wouldn’t blow it around so easy... stop lying to us with false advertising