Nissan Juke 2015 Review

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This Man is a master of art,Perfect Teacher!Sasabihin full synthetic yun pala cheap conventional oil lang ang inilagay.This appears to be a great deal but actually saving the money in an investment account would have been a much better idea.Thanks for the tip about them crawling out - better get to the basement and cover it up with newspaper!Beautiful video, very very well said!I'm building my credit at the moment with this exact mindset drop everything and get my debt cleared.I really liked this video.To in scrachess ko remove kerne kaa koi method he.F Macys and F Icelandick Air.

They clearly don't have

They clearly don't have

And Dave Youtube put a Car ad before this video they messed up.My first was a GTi 1.Keralathile roadilum climatelum ith veno bro.The bank offers you a lower interest rate.Peugeot 208 very cheap to run, insure and no tax.Imterest kitna lgta hai.Yes I'm going to take my yugo and drop a new lt1 corvette engine with 8speed auto in it.The banjo music is WAY overdone, Henry Ford is not know to favor Banjo music.

Cody Blackman

stop been a sad sack you bunch of losers

Stephen McMillan


Jonathan L

How do you download faster acceleration?


Wow.What an awful situation.This almost brought me to tears.Great advice and emotional support from Mr. Ramsey, right across the board.

Aron Le Baron

Ironic that car companies target the advertising space before these vids to show us their wares thinking hey, this audience are interested in cars. The cars Jay shows us invariably make the cars in the adverts look pathetically boring and designed-by-committee by comparison. Modern car companies couldn’t choose a worse place to put their adverts.

Eric Dupont

Thank you Mr Leno This is a "pure design car "

Nothing At All

Not consistent testing, so inconsistent results :/

Bailey-May’s Journey

This is the best

status captain

Superb movie Dq