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1:54 i actually think that's just a ice cream spoon you get when you buy a cup :I.What's most surprising is the amount of people who actually buy into this sack of shit its unreal, some people are clearly that desperate to be part of something that they'll Literally stand there lying to other people aswel as themselves and then physically "act" as though they've been effectedknocked outdown etc but that idiots "chi" it's one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen in my life.(Murabaha)- Leasing (rental) operations (Ijarah)- Islamic Bonds (Should).

Ente scooter insurance nale theerukayanu.

Ente scooter insurance nale theerukayanu.

Yeah you reading this.Is it just me or some parts of the video are missing?It's been 3 years already from sanctioning education loan, and monotorium period is also lapsed.Since buying yours have you noticed anything you dislike about owning a C7?There will be at least one time where you touched the fabric and left a little burn trying to flick out the window when driving along.

I only earn 120 a month and I'm 17 in 2 months :(.You do realize there gta games before 2001 right?WE CUT THE MIDDLE MAN(( the banks )).Why is no down payment a positive?You have taught me so much and I thank you for all your effort in making these super helpful videos.PbScotty Kilmer.

I will not be surprised if this guy is the one who started bitcoin.XD Monster School.Yes please make a youtube channel for psx.Why two cars and one parent is at home?I plan on setting up a "Go Fund Me" account to help with these expenses.Bhai jaan gari ke engine ke bare main lazmi pocha karo change wagera ka.I need more specific advice.WE GET EXTRA DELEGATESLOL WE ROCK THIS NOW!I went to the exact same amazon hub in Richmond like him.

Zawar bhae mery pass 19 model

Zawar bhae mery pass 19 model

Regardless of wind strength.I love car stories.My RC Transmitter and receiver is smarter than a garage door opener.Mazda Miata valve cover gasket was like 20 min job.Is this how you create a video?Don't have cables carrying large currents running around in a coil up against themselves, it's can go very bad (as in overheating the cable and thus melting insulation etc.Shams or Md Shams and when i just enter Shams it shows your name on the form does not match with the name on Aadhar card now whats can i do?Dnt listen to this idiot.For my work a have to have a truck and 12k would take me from an 04 to maybe an 07.Sir Kitna percent interest dena hai.

Any upcoming affordable full hybrid for India?I'd be setting up proxy card security on every door on the house lmao.Epol cheithu script superPerform semel.I like you Dave but you dont have to embellish.How to know the payload capacity of a car.Great Video as usual!

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I still have a feeling this is a little too good to be true.Def clean the motor off to find the source of the oil leak, at min just so you know where it is so that it can be addressed down the road if not needing to be fixed ASAP.As Might Car Mods was saying with their Yaris build on the Dyno (I'm well aware this won't have a Haltech ECM) - PAGE-UP, PAGE-UP, PAGE-UP...So my vote is to find a little more boost. -)


He’s just trolling fam

Suburban Preparedness

You could hear his blood boiling.

Matthew Beaver

She should be sitting in a cell

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This is very good plan. Your presentation is very nice and informative. Thank you very much

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Some lady ran a red light and Tboned my car. I’m not at fault but since she doesn’t have insurance and I’m making a claim (for total loss on my car, and for needed medical bills) but my insurance will likely go up since they have to recover from somewhere. Any advice?

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Sir mera business loan ke 2 emi 1 din ke liye due hwe the to abhi loan nehi mil reha hai muje to kai kere 1 emi aair 2 emi 3 4 month ke baad 1 1 din ke liye due Plz .... reply sir

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sir mere new figo dieselke warranty 6month tak katam ho rhe hai kay ab usko bdaya ja sakta hai aur mere monthly running 600 km hai kya warranty lene chahea


your daddys a looser fact

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The perfect explanation. Everything is clear straight away! Thank you! Is the Pivot Pal is free or not?


This man speaks the truth.


Rest in Peace.

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Great explanation, simple yet connecting all the dots to understand the concept. Thank you!

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Gagan bhai 1.4 petrol engine ke baare mein video gana