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And I'd honestly say that the most "fixed up" cars here are Honda Civics.Best comparison so far.SEMANGAT NAK BELI KERETA SECOND HAND LEPAS NI.Nice game play bro by the way which phone you using.Policetum lawyer or mahila mandal tak saalebhadwe hote hai tum saale sab mile hote hai.Is it a good idea to get car on lease?

Home Loan m new joining walo K liye koi video.(Mixed messages, I know.Sir Mai ek purana ghr purchase kar raha hu but ushpar owner ka margage loan chal Raha hai to kya hme subsidy milega.You could probably find that car from a private seller in the same condition for maybe 7K.T-shirt thirichittath.Han no doubt thoda sheet quality Accha Honsakta tha but still maintance and parts Ssasta padta.

Loved the video, but the disrespect towards

Loved the video, but the disrespect towards

Desh ki bholi bhali janta ko LIC ne Bekubh banaya hai.I am currently procastinating 4 projects due tomorrow.5 time namaz pardoba wazo raho.Well very nice for that mam.You are a star my Man.Thank God Maruti didn't send Baleno.

Pls mail id flipkart.

Pls mail id flipkart.

I have the most part of an emergency fund for myself but, know I’m not likely to ever retire but, if she knew about my emergency fund, she’d try to have an emergency and forget about her annuity.Hope this helps someone.Don't understand why people think they are cool with huge car payments every month but look at my new car blablabla bla.By a company they work for.Bhai ap mobile no mil skta ha.I always wondered about this, but I never heard anyone else talk about it.All insurance companies will use aftermarket parts in the even of an accident.My favourite line from a comedy act when asked if they wanted extra insurance on a rental was yes, this car is going to see more air than a skateboard at the x-games!What is is suggesting as a women genitals are more important than family, community and ethics that is deeply insulting.Neverbuyhomeincity, metro city.

I expect more great things from you.

I expect more great things from you.

U sure the muata can get to highway speed?Apparently the favorite pastime of asians is to pretend car crashes.Great what about 3 yr package of new car.I am all for getting success.That’s just pure witchcraft.

The automatic shutoff is nice to let you know when time is up.Second row glass does go all the way down.Kevin Bridge's face alone makes me crack up.We are WAY behind on this.Bahut acha huwa akhtar raza ke sath aur Mohsin ali ke sath bjp ke kutte banne ka fayeda dekha.I don't see a problem with it as long as you earn.Good stuff, Dan!Sir you really explained well about the pros and cons of credit card.

Elon just got lucky that

Elon just got lucky that

Coronavirus Hoga San ko.This gives me anxiety.Hum sub siblings ko ek hi dream.Koi idea kaisa rahega.The total amount mentioned is just 6.FIAT, not what it used to be.I had to drive with my neck crooked and my head touching the ceiling.Cars are works art.

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3:29you gonna tell me you were doing only 20 mph?And you bitch about hitting a car? Once again careless ass drivers not aware of their surroundings on busy avenue's .

Gareth Cummins

this is quality - great stuff Leila

rajib mitra

Gagan chodhori is best

Shivnath Pal

sunil sunil k m v

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Deepak Vadithala

You're the best Sunny! Your students are lucky to have you. Please let me know if you ever come to London. Lunch on me :)

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I m using window 7, 64 bits but we are facing problem in kernel power 41 error. how to resolve this problem


2420 for the NPV value, I calculated 3 times and my answer was 73.7927. For the NPV calculating, should I turn on the BGN or not, even I found the result are same with BGN on and off, but I still want to know which one is correct, thanks!


Doesn't matter when you have to pay 3 grand for insurance


Does anyone else who drives think led head lights (i think they are led) are to dazzling?

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GTA iv most sadly ending


You're always doing better than you deserve...

Bryce Blanchfield

Goodness that's one dirty filter lol loved the video thank you!

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Is having a mortgage a hedge against inflation and the potential fat tail event of hyperinflation? Considering inflation and the time value of money, it seems like this is the cheapest money you can get unless of course there is serious long lasting depreciation in home values across the board.