NEC Practical Classics Classic Car Restoration Show 2018

- It made me hate driving.I have never played a racing game like Forza Horizon 4, the best even the mechanic wiseI will never play NFS again lol feels like a kidoo game.Mostly people ko nuksan hi Hota Hai lekin jimevari vala Admi faida le laita Hai credit card se.Omg a little scratch.34:40 like hulkbuster from avenger.You seem nice but I don't like Chevys.In the old days it was 25% deposit and the rest over 3 years.Bahut sunder work long live sir ji aap jaisa koi ni great jo.

Its all about NCB,and the area you live!Yaavd best ide sir.I just quit Uber last week now I have a chance to live a a normal life again.I would use the machine gun or the rpg.Jail jane ka number aya to banda desbhakt ban gaya.Mujah sir aap ka business krna ha.Truely we have to pay off our all dues first.Joe, tryin to use big words in this one.

Whats a good affordable one.I like that philosophy of just sit and play and eventually you'll find little things that sound good.Maybe the USD will loose value but not as much as the AUD.This is not how to basic?It is Nikola not Nicola.

You might see me in a video I made when you search Pace Inc.Love the smell of that stuff!And austin makes video about tech which should have true to life color not pop up.7717796938 call me for any type insurance and get best rate comprehensive package.Change the oil between every 4mos andor 3700 miles ( because I am forgetful).Please Subscribe UsWhat a nice RIMJOB :D.This shits it right here.

Namskar Sir ji m Saudi Arabia

Namskar Sir ji m Saudi Arabia

Yo, the traffic rules in LA are the same as in Minnesota.Point to point explanationvery good.In terms of the World Reserve Currency.Cars depreciate in value so much in their first few years of ownership that the car will be worth less then what you are paying on the lease.That canadian chick always looks like shes fake laughing.And some people like to buy cars and experience them as a hobby!One knock, mate - saying you wanted red to get a better deal on a silver is a lie.3 SC 2 OBC SC SCST.Looking well nice mate.

Shubhi Khare

nice video


In the Bible, Paul says it's better not to marry.


Dave is wrong again. You can have a high savings rate, invest every month and remain conscious of the fees. But again, people wouldn't need his "smartvestor pros" in that case lol

Abdullah Mani

Gee bahi hamen bi loan cahea 5 to 10 lakh porpty show Kar sakty hen.

Frank Buzolits

It really boils down to one thing - are you willing to drive a car for 5,6,7 years until you own it and then another year to take advantage of ownership OR do you want a new car every 2-3 years. I lease my car, keep the monthly payment nearly the same from car to car and very seldom need to pay for tires and other wear and tear items. From a pure money standpoint, buying makes most sense but only if it is kept for a longer period.

Eric Binney

Trevor from motionautotv is great he’s an awesome dude you should invite him down with his Supra and hit the track with him


Use my code to get us both 1000 supercharging miles!!!!

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52:30 "We need to teach the system how to deal with construction sites... Shows a photo of Montreal-- LOL

Aaron Hydes

You seriously deserve more subscribers. Your videos are brilliant

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Dont forget that the Voyager spacecraft which launched in 1977 use 8-track for data storage - and they are still out there working!Presently more than 13,633,975,000 miles away.

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I saw a similar tutorial to make a calculator.The only difference is that the other tutorial had a million lines of code compared to yours.I guess this is a lesson on how to create efficient code.Thanks for the tutorial.

Anand Mishra

one of the best videos i have seen on youtube

Camron Morris

couldnt they have significantly strengthened the cylinders by coating a cardboard cylinder? then you could just coat one long section and cut it into however many individual songs/speeches


Damn fine work

Richard Mourdock

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC SUGGESTION on putting the rider specific health information on the helmet. Will definitely do this before my next ride.Well done FortNine often liked your stuff but loved this one!!!Great comments on having position awareness as well.

Kris Costello

WHY did her insurance company not pay off her car after it was wrecked???


What tf is he blurring

Dennis Most

that offset is wack tho

pablo rages

5:18 ... very nice Graham ... you dog


It wasn't until the late 20th century that technology had reached a level that they could build a tank that didn't look ridiculously tiny when an Irish giant stood next to it.

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I'm watching this in 2019 and it's been very helpful. I'm going to use it to analyze data for my final year project. Thank you so much.