I am ahead and always be!The mechanic who took the test drive seems to want to hold up the ability to walk away by keeping the keys "missing" for a little while.My mother is in debt and totally stubborn.Second, stop paying car insurance.I paid over $1k a unit back in school to learn this.

Also, is it possible to opt out of Social Security?I actually skipped school to go see him but I have no idea how I ended up here when I was watching plumbing videos.Statswork provides best statistical analysis services to the research scholars, students, faculty, corporate, clinical research, and food and beverage industries and so on.The giant phallic symbol is the AMAZON logo!Even if you have a lock button (most vehicles don't anymore), the shape of that button is very important.Dave but when you buy a car that's from 2002 it breaks down.Biggest based on the building they built?I had gone through a small accident and body is not affected,only AC is not working.

2:49 when the drums come in

2:49 when the drums come in

Thank you for taking time to upload this educational important video on YouTube, I appreciated.I thought tint was installed on the inside.Nallathano vandi.5 L engine but I haven't picked it up yet and your video is is far more descriptive than the sales person would've had the time to take to show me every particular about the Honda sport accord.I came along and bought if for $2500.Bhai ji meri gaadi 2012 modal h orhal hi me ownership change hui hPolicy or rc mere naam aa gai or 2 mhine baad meri gaadi ki policy expire ho rahi h m comprehensive policy lena chahta hu isme kya addon h or kya cover h konsi company ka lu.

Uhhhhh why doesn’t he just refinance his car at a local credit union for 3%?Your channel seems to be only thinking about cashing in on money from garbage products.Sir mujhe apka no chahiye mujhe Loan approved hua hai 1 mounth Ho gaya hai but abhi aya nahi hai main bahot problems main hun please help me.Holy crap that's a lot of cars just out of curiosity, you declare the mods on it?Dis gzr iz a rite twonk ye.Hi sir what is the rate differences betweenzero depth and return to invoice.Sir mujhe ek saal ki subsidy nhi pure chaar saal k course me.I can hear the fear and heart break in this woman’s voice.Total debt, including house, is $138,000.

You've chosen to

You've chosen to

Will this help me get mine higher?Plz improve ur mic.What do you do then?Ajith the travel buddy Chetta 200 ns il start cheyyumbo vandi off ayi povarundu pinne nalla speed poytpettenn slow akkumbozhum vandi stop ayi povarund entha reason.Salam Walekum aur bhai Hamen cultus 2020 model karyvahi chahie Bank ke through kitne ki a rahi hai.I'm from another state and your materials are superior to what they sell here.What is RC book?Sir ye sale police waale paise ke liye apane bap ko bhi jhuthi case me fasa sakate hai.I m shahroz bank Islami Bhai gari chahiye to is number pe rabta Karen 15 % down payment 17 year teanur no insurance fee no tracker fee no withholding Tex only197200 down payment wegon r ki or 8 sal porani gari bi karwa sakty hai sarled business rantal or rameetance basis pe bi karty hai 03328286772 0334 1327860 for others details.

Kya baat h bhai very nice.Kia,Hyundai,Genesis,Mitsubishi Comes with 5 years and 10 years100k miles on the powertrain.Here's some money so you don't have to have partners, I asked if he wanted stock he said no.I am 31 year old.I have been following you guys since the last few weeks and among all the YouTube channels, yours is the most informative abd encouraging!This is good as against bunch of crap available on internet.But why is he wearing army glasses?


Your presentation was as smooth as the boat handling skills it was so ably portraying. Thank you. It’s so nice to see quiet confident handling of heavily laden vessels gently nudging recalcitrant lock gates without fuss and bluster. You’ve probably captured a glimpse of a dying industry here if the global warming’ lobbyists get their way.

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Is it just me or this kid a massive cunt

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I didn't skip the ads to help you out.

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17:23 I thought he was going to hit that car when reversing...its not safe to park that close...


Qual o nome da msica porfavvor 2:11

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Betarin Jan Kari hai....


I am doing an assignment on compound interest in math, and I have to answer this question: What is the theory? What does it state? (Postulates, fundamental concepts, etc). Any ideas on how I could answer both of these?


Your wrong about the celica, its a brilliant car, i've got a 94 celica3sge 180hp(import) and i love it, epic handling and engine sounds like a race engine with a few mods, you should do a video on one. The driving experience is 10/10

Conor Graham

2020? Lies!! Fuck you

Million Pound Listing

Hummer H1 is the real man’s car! Why buy those Ferrari or Lamborghini?

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Nobody:Hammond: still.....could be worse!

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Iam big fan of ur boths video from Karnataka.....if possible plz give launching date of elite i20 bs6 plz

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Confused between Renault duster petrol RxS and Tata Nexon XZ petrol(dual tone)...please help me..

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Well, socialism is the answer...Tax the wealthy more and more

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r36? Anyone with me?

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Woop Woop, das tha sound of tha palice!

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I have test in 2weeks


My in built van satnav comes up with alternative routes whilst I am driving if I want to take the alternative route. I have to press the option on screen to do so. Doesn't help when things are built for us to break the law. It's OK when I have a passenger that is actually awake. But that's rare


This guy has a million in debt and is opening an office? Who okay'd that lease? This guy makes dumb choices, but not as dumb as his fiancee.

bhardwaj deepak

Built quality THORI SI.....SIr ji.....ekdam bekaar he

Ali-A no1 fan 6969 420

Oh yeah yeah love

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Ye lahore main long so jgha h

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As a fellow Welsh man he's brilliant ,


Too many wrong assumptions. Biggest one is that people who earn 5k monthly will take a 100k mortgage. For a first home and only mortgage and only debt??? Cmon! Does anyone really need 30years to pay a 100k mortgage/ only debt earning 5k. ? Lol.2. You never mentioned how long it will take to replenish the HELOC while still paying the mortgage. Let's assume another 1k monthly which makes another25 months approx 2 years. So by your calculations a total of 50k HELOC and 50k mortgage payments. By your logic since you chopped principal quickly you probably have 50k left to pay instead of 80k. You still have a HELOC to replenish and ofcourse interests too from both angles. Do the same math with a 350k mortgage and a 5k earning and ask yourself if trying to save 10k of accrued interest and deflation value of money over time is worth it. You're also missing the time value of money. So why not teach people to take the 25k HELOC and do some business that could yield 5% HELOC 3% mortgage=8 margin then repay. There are instruments and businesses that do 10-12% easy. So just transfer the interests and let the bank pay themselves by themselves.

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can you plz uploadedvideo how to fix appointment with customer in any situation


The video is so good but you making those weird sounds when you are swallowing salivais annoying specially while wearing headphones.