MZ ETZ 251 | Mit DDR Originalteilen restauriert!

Thanks for watching - if you found this video interesting then please subscribe to our channel and click the bell to be notified of our next video!Zoooooooooooooooo.Its a recent purchase.Or should I buy the lease, since I still have 12K miles left in the lease?

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Are you aware that lead acid batteries

Are you aware that lead acid batteries

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I only use Mobil 1 in all of my vehicles, along with Shell gasoline :).I promise you lol." don't be lazy.Car is a price depreciating money sucking liability.Shit happens when you try to make a right turn from the far left lane and don't even signal (notice no flashing light reflection).What about ceramic Coating?

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I have a question, Everyone anyone your input would help a lot. I’m a huge petrol fan love all walks of racing. My question is this, Is there a game that can allow you to create your own racing circuit? I don’t imagine there being any for the PS4, So that means I’d have to build my own PC. I’m sure there’s gotta be a game. Any feedback would be

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Sounds liketrouble..only Honda does Right...4 to 6

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Great video. Where did you get the engine bay cover??

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