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I thought the cold is caused by rhinovirus.Keep it on, untill maruti suzuki dd not listen it.It's so Beautiful.Where do you live?See how the Forester Climbs?0% interest par car available hai.

Geez for 75k you can buy

Geez for 75k you can buy

You have helped my family crawl out of poverty slowly but surely.Aside from their jobs.She should’ve sold the house and use the extra money to pay off as much of her debt as possible.I can afford it.Thank you for the tutorial.

Bhai village me kya

Bhai village me kya

Do not pop the bubble the air came from china.This 51 minutes video could be reduced to 2 minutes and 13 seconds by removing so much redundancy and repetition.Thanks for your newly series.Must be run completely differently in the UK then.And the best part is: I also live here.Love this vlog thanks for sharing please do the insurance vlog.Video banana easy hai.Hi mam I want to about your noc code please make vidio on banking related code i was teller and welcomedesk in private banks.

When I first started they said

When I first started they said

I did this a long time ago by mistake and can't seem to figure out how I did it again.Say boom boom, darling!Kinda neat looking and you explain things well so I thought I'd ask.In an other video you made the calculation for 5 years.See the accident in front of you.Greg really loves her.PbMark Barrington.It’s SCOT Irish.You can buy a whole car for for less than a $500month car payment.

vishal mahajan

Hi I am really found of videos you are an eye opener in the world of financial planning hats off to you sirthe good work!!!

Sivam Shubham


Chandelure Lockes

too bad you quit for so long and lost alyour viewer-base

rayhan doma

Mas magaling pa sa mga pulis si tulfo ah. HAHA

Xxj56Xx Roblox Queen

I love ur vids also first 62 here

Commander Piglet

Ok, who showed ChrisFix this video? Cough it up guys.

jd vlog

Agar koi khota rerri aa kar aapki gaari main mare tu aap kaise gaari ko bchao gay

PRO Gamers

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If you can afford that car theninsuranceis peanuts tosomeone with as much money as yourself

Albert B George

Kya unsecured loan (mPokket) repay nhi kiya toh jail jana padega?

stryle yung

I like it the way it is bruh fr fr

Zulu FiveOneEight

wow... this will be one for the record books... can't wait to see how it goes.Best of luck!

Patrick C

Great information, but watched a video just before this from another car salesman and he claims $75 for the doc fees is all you should pay.

Ashish Kumar

Last week I was in Renault showroom to buy kwid and I cancelled the deal only because they were adding 11000 rupees as handling charges in their invoice..they mentioned it as a compulsory charge and didn't contacted me even today..Now after watching your video m sure I took a correct decision.

JM Guire

Great video bud. Appreciate using common words to help us.


i thonk there nice and beautiful. they have the same aesthetic.