Mirage Fix 9 | Remote Start + Alarm SP-502

Mk1 fabia vrs i just sold mine.Please help me sir.There must be something right with the world cuz they don't make these anymore LMFAO.The problem with Japanese cars too, is that they were generally made in high volume, plus also, they last forever!A country with import tariffs such as thailand this car of this age in this state would be around 80,000$.

Many congratulations for your new

Many congratulations for your new

Hamare area mein muslimon ko jyada Hindu ko kam chalaya mila are mere ko to Mila hi nahin main.Vintage top gear.Joonhy is mi favorite.They are worth no more than their scrap value even brand new.Which to me is crazy.

Thanx for the info.Have watched a lot of your videos now and they are GREAT - easy to understand, good quality and you explain things so people understand it.Even if someone hated pizzas for life they would enjoy it.I apologise for my post-call rage, it was unprofessional, even if this is YouTube.Yadi kisi ko dmat open krvana ho to sampark kare Swastika brokrg 9754592264.Your debt number would be higher, but paying off your other loans would go faster you're quality of life would be theoretically better.

Well damn if it

Well damn if it

Also he was a little cop some cases they tend to flex extra because they feel their size will not get them the respect even though they are the law.Light up the sky With standard fireworks That was in the TV ad.How can anyone guaranty that BSIV engine will not be banned by Govt.Can we ytube friends so sad we havnt had bad weather in Connecticut this is so scary.From what I see on those codes most of them were caused by a bad battery, I used to work for Mercedes, a sensitive car about voltage.

Eric Buchannan

So the problem I see with Electric cars is that the infrastructure is not in place. So 25% of all Tesla car sold are in California. There is a blond on Youtube who says there are place in LA right now that the wait time to charge your Tesla can be over 3 hrs. That does not work. Also who maintains the charging station there appears to be lots of broken and damaged charger port. I would like to see someone drive from San Diego to Seattle Washingtonand see. Will the Electric car industry work together on charging station and help absorb this cost?



Mason Miller

i just don’t like how much advertisement there is. You always tell us to subscribe to someone or go like this, it’s overkill bro

Aatik Masalikar

Thank you, for comments, you are absolutely correct.allah /God/Bhagwan/waheguru,bless you.Mohammad gaus Hussain masalikar Mumbai.

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Putting my occupation as a forklift truck driver saved me well over 100 quid a month, also none of it makes sense really. I can get cheaper insurance on a Gold R32 and Mitsubishi Lancer evo x than on my fathers 1.2 Toyota. Live In the next street to mine? That'll be an extra 300 quid please. I also found that 2000 miles was the sweet spot, anything over that or below It raises prices. Worth noting - If you are someone who needs to put close to 10k miles, go for 12k miles. It's known that Insurance companies charge people with miles less than 11k more than people with over 11k to subsidise the higer mileage drivers costs. Putting higher than 11k will save you money in many cases.

Edmund Janas

He showed my car when he said: "Car you don't regret buying"....yup, Mini Cooper S 2008 was my Micky Mouse car.



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19:30 Cute glue gun. Awesome project.