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Thanks for creating and sharing these videos.No entiendo nada pero me diveri mucho con tu gameplay.Damn this brings back the finest of PS1 memories,and I mean the square PS1 too, not that round girls' edition eek cooties.And Oregon has some of the highest prices in the country.

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Man How can you compare F1

Man How can you compare F1

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You are a god Sir TY.

You are a god Sir TY.

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Just when I'm about to compliment GTA IV... Npc took a dump in a fire 6:33

Big E

Your and awesome guy, thanks for taking us along for the ride!!

Briel Ray


Ariel Morfe

After 5 years luma n rin yung hinulugan mo na car napamahal ka talaga..

Benard Robert

what if die where my money go?

Milind Dhanorkar

Dear sir, ye plan me death hone ke baad joint partner ko death claim aur pention konse option me milta hain


Prayers to all that had to live through this

just earning

Irritated ad.


This song shake my spirit mk and band was great

Karl Klouzer

I had the Sex Pistol's 'Never Mind the Bollocks...' on a bright pink 8-Track!



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10 x 10 narration

Jean Macdobea