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Yea uh ann my grandma greedy as hell.

Yea uh ann my grandma greedy as hell.

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Sale deshdrohiyo ko pakdo.

Sale deshdrohiyo ko pakdo.

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People who work in the medical profession have the highest insurance. Drs crash cars more than any other profession lol.

Mustang Marty

Gotta say it's pretty cool of you to inform us of those scams, thank's brother.


wow!so,premiums at $10K a year works out to about 100 years of payments /- (with no lapses) to cover a total loss on the 959. 2000 years /- for the F1. I definitely don't have the stomach to be an adjustor or to drive other peoples rolling artwork.I drove a right hand drive $60k MB in Brisbane on the "wrong" side of the road for three weeks and I was mentally exhausted by the time I turned the thing back in at the airport..I can't imagine........

Dave H

ALWAYS get your estimate from the dealership and demand that your car gets fixed there. My insurance pulled that on me too when someone smashed my front bumper. They wanted some dinky shop to fix the bumper and not to replace it.