Mark Bell's Power Project EP. 186 - Layne Norton vs Paul Saladino

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Sir ma ghreeb

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Part of the allure to Fluffy is he understands the true struggle. He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he's had to claw his way to where he is. Respect.

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Richard Taylor

Idon't need this shit i am so fucking good yeah I pay my bills but my food but yo i am a money horder so and I don't fuck with loans why I don't do loans I save my own damn money buy what i need pay my bills and one day save money for my own damn property some day and shit I am so close to get a trailer if i.wanted too damn i am so fucking good so fuck ur credit my credit save's money

febi francis

Hello Binnichen chettansThe good wavelength of friendship made you to taken the step for the showing this part of country ..all the verybest

Brad S

I have dreams where I’ve paid off my debt and it feels so freeing then I wake up :/ sigh one day soon I’ll be there. Baby steps


Premature optimisation strikes a long time ago.

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Rashid Latif

van lag sakti ha

Sajjad Sultan



Yea that is one wimpy kid

Deepanshu Rajput

I request to zee media that please tell about rajiv dixit ji for our country because he was great socialist activist of India.