Make Your Lincoln Town Car Handle Like A Race Car!

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This video put a lot in to perspective for me personally.Any legal issues?Jay has an amazing collection.

Jaise maine abhi 1000 rs ka shopping kiya uska bill mai 3 din baad bharta hu toh kya sahi hai plz bataiye.It's just their nature.Cheap plastic in Furr-areE's.Next 4 year ke liye NILL show ho raha hai.Unspeakable: save cats that are stuck in treesMe: No dogs are better.11 (d) (i))Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories):MAIN BEAM TELE TALE NOT WORKINGALL TYRES PERISHEDOffside Front Suspension component corroded but not seriously weakened (5.Both are actively managed for moderate risk, both frequently move money from one stock fund to another, to bonds, and to ETF's.

Market goes down.

Market goes down.

Ung iba kya bumibili ng 2nd hand n sasakyan wlang garahe.I am here to say thank you to NEWAGETECH222GMAIL.Suzuki Swift kill all.I feel like these videos are SO much better with a demonstrator unit in front of you.I go through more off roading getting to my local fishing spot!

Now when I watch all your videos I'm thinking of going back to work as a mechanic.Kaise kya details chaiye honge?1000000% true about the panels.5mm b pipe to a m2 motorsport mufflerDriving on the highway is a bit annoying XD but its not meant to be driven there.Credit goes to driver, great driving skills man.Along with enjoying your extremely informative and detailed educational videos, i wait for that slight mistake lol.Outstanding presentations.Pand eantea undayirinna gear cycle poleaa.

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There shouldn't be any red MR2s (or any other car) anyway.Textile wala jhoot he.He actually got hit.Fuck YouTube, didn't even know this podcast existed, watching the whole thing and I'm going to absorb all this information whether they want me to or not ).The father’s an Azzhole.10:48 why does he have to signal left if he's going straight?Car's junkyards were full with this Ferraris partially destroyed or just too expensive to fix because of bad maintenaince.

Dude caught the Colorado red eye.

Dude caught the Colorado red eye.

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THis wreck looks like an American BMW-here , cars like the BMW rust away because of all the salt used on the roads. This frame may well be beyond repair (dangerous) I'd dump it.


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At 225 pesos labor rate, napakamura. No need for diy. Dito sa US expect to pay between $35-65 parts and labor. If you use synthetic oil, it will be on the higher end. Independent shops will be less expensive than dealerships as well. I used to change my own oil pero napagod na ako kakagapang sa ilalim ng kotse. I'm planning on switching to full electric vehicle para less maintenance and expense. Wala ng oil change, transmission, coolant, timing belt, etc. Sakit sa ulo

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