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Would love to be part of

Would love to be part of

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Thanks for motivation.

Thanks for motivation.

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Why didn't you use your shaper

Why didn't you use your shaper

Going to an interview tomorrow morning and I’m so nervous.As a college student I just learned so much from this video!Can you think of anyone that has driven as many cars and motorcycles than,Jay?Reaffirms Americans make the best cars.Unfortunately I crashed it running from the cops.Burn it, call it in stolen, claim it on your insurance.Any loan we have from the goverment has a fixedinterest rate at 0,5% for life!Wow i want to play steep now.Amazon cannot be successful unless they don't give the best service at the best price to its customers.I was in a nightmare situation with my auto loan having a 24.

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8:03 I was a bit creeped out when it went to voice mail I noticed he had the same voice as my dad then I noticed his voice mail messageas my dad then you said hi Paul which is my dads name I don’t know of any car he owns other than his focus tho

Syed Zaheer

Best explanation mam hats of to u...thanks

Village AGRI- malayalam Agriculture Videos




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That dude has some greasy ass hair

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In Asphalt 7 it’s when the pixel images looks less and made the big boomI friking love that one

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sir, could you explain about change of education loan scheme from sbi normal education loan to scholar loan


Sir app tata tiago accessories kit par bhi ek video upload karo its my humble request to you

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Here is whythe Toyota Corolla is worth $135,000


Please don’t post clips where we don’t learn anything, footage of red light jumpers and drivers on their phones are useful to the police but not really to us

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Wah Bhai I never know before about insurance. Thanks dear

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this is quality - great stuff Leila

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Niko got best physics

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If it manual it doesn't matter how you two it

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Why on earth was this video suggested to me? I've literally never searched for a financial video in my life. Was my father using my account again? Since I'm here, I'd say that given the option I'd probably want to buy. I don't understand much about finance, it just feels more intuitively correct. There's something about throwing money down the drain when renting that feels wrong. Obviously, as the video points out, there's money down the drain with buying as well, but it doesn't feel down the drain when it concerns your own home.


this interviewer needs to run for president

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Great video ! Just subscribed from Calgary Alberta. Just bought a 300k condo and did45k down payment and this gives me some great advice! I'll start doing more lump sum payments


I been driving my 2008 5 series 528xi and it's at 185000 miles still drives like its brand new. it's not the car it's the person who drives it

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bhi jan 10.00000 mil jya ga ma house business karna chahta Hoon

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848 damn mine 722 im glad im watching this video lol

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What a beautifully and clearly are explained by u, no need to go anywhere to understand financial advise.I watched many videos of yours and most of the things have been cleared by it.

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Lol that poor old man!

ss SAMIM Ali. ss Ali

No NRC no CaaJai hind

Mulnivasi samaj


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Why is Trump continually contradicting health professionals? (i.e Trump says that it is all under control but CDC say that there is an outbreak and its spreading) Which one do you believe?

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Aapne meri 70% pareshani dur kr di