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Modern Scots has largely disappeared now as a language, and most of its differences from standard English are often thought of (wrongly) as simply slang.I simply hate insurance companies.I can air fry eight large chicken thighs or six large chicken breasts at the same time!It will likely increase when the system is overwhelmed which wont take long.Would explosive bullets work.Not the workers fault.Am just relaying info from a seasoned homemaker now a granny.Really usefull info.

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I dont no

I dont no

The cars they sell are death traps.Tbh, Jack should have gotten a second race.30:10 literally crying tears laughing, this is sooo lame :D.But for the long term it's not worth killing your car.3 people at back?Com or hackgoodness on instagram for any phone spying or gps tracking services.

Can you please explain what

Can you please explain what

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I bought A Smart Car

I bought A Smart Car

I love this video.The quintessential nice guy move.Legit like a casual trip to kfc i will see like 3 speeders a trip -.Jai hind sir thank you so much.That's true I always thinkinglike that.So which app or mutual fund better for me.In initial years you pay more in interest then principal balance.

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Who cares if it goes down in value. It’s not an investment. It is there to be used and serve a purpose of transporting you and your family reliably and safely. It’s a tool. If you buy it and keep it for 10-15 years, who cares about the lost value in years 1-4.

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Thanx for this information very helpful video.I take a plan of Jeevan labh policy of sum assured 10 lakhs for 25 years.I want to know how much amount of loan i get after 3 years. now my age is 29 and i already given 1 year premium.kindly give reply it will be very helpful for me i am planning for home loan.

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very well explained sir also I have found a great app to see the concepts applied

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Wow, now human beings are installing plastic grass (essentially an outdoor Carpet) made from petrochemicals in their homes. Why? Because they think it looks good!If looks are all you care about. Nevermind it will eventually be disposed of in landfill after its color fades and you now can't impress your neighbours. It also kills all microbes in the soil under it essentially sterilizing the ground. In direct sunlight, especially in summer, it will get so hot it will be unusable.In hot climates it will increase the temperature around your home! It is not maintainence free. It requires washing/weeding/repairing/re-sanding. Maybe try alternatives put in a rockerie with shrubs, raised vege gardens, real sod- but designed for easy mowing! Anything is better than plastic grass people!

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So if they can't spy on US citizens but they'll just say their spying on a foreign person that was connectedto US citizen. FISA needs to be completely dismantled.

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Thanksthis was perfect. This is the best course ever.

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Are mam sab kuch kerne k baad v paisa dene ka time aata hai to kuch na kuch bahana ker deta hai..Mera dost ka bike chori hua hai or sara aper work ok phir v claim clear kerne me issue bana dya av tak clear nahi kya hai...Ab Lobour court me case kerega ...

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Thank you very much for sharing this information. Why can't the dealerships be honest and stop taking advantage of the consumer. I did subscribe and look forward to watching your other videos

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Hi GaganIs it possible that I buy a SUV from Gujarat and make the Registration in Maharashtra as RTO taxes are less in Gujarat?

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