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If the British want to eliminate this new type of coronavirus, the prescription needed is neither a western medicine vaccine nor a Chinese herbal medicine, but freedom and democracy.Watching this video because I have no idea wtf to do if I even go in a car accident, I’d probably get scammed.I wish you made this video when I wasstudying in uk 10 years ago.Then came the insurance.Save first spend second.How did they pass the driving test or better yet the written test.

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Dont want them sneaking up on me while

Dont want them sneaking up on me while

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Then I'm bumping my 401k

Then I'm bumping my 401k

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Mr. Kiyosaki needs to be brought up to speed on American history. He shat on the valid demands of Foundational Black American Descendants of slavery by saying what about...the American Indians who had their land taken away = most FBADOS are descendants of American Indians to varying degreesBUT the US govt half hearted gave the American Indians land and compensation to adjust for their stolen land...then, he tries to put in a bid for his own people, the Japanese for being put in camps for a few months = EACH of the Japanese got just under $30,000 so by his own argument,the us govt has a debt to pay to the FBADOS and it'swritten in the documents and practices of this nation, spilling over into today's generations of the same people!Oh and hun this debt is not JUST for slavery! He should show more gratitude- were it not for the Immigration Act of 1965 that FBADOS fought for, sadly, neither he nor his people would have been able to freely come over to enjoy the benefits of what FBADOS bled and died for all to enjoy!!

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they spelled tires tyres in captions... what the hell

capt Misho Misho

Kb milain gy paisy plz bta dijiea

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awaiting for someone to bring in our FPV persuit utes now

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We don’t think things through... she’ll be okay

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Never understood phones that need to be disassembled to replace battery and lack storage expansion for more cost being better. Also, will the tester be able to tell you if the battery is more likely to burn or explode (possibly in your pants) to save a few bucks?

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very good


square head Robertson screw heads STAY IN THE TIP so you can position the screw ONE HANDED. Phillips head screws are banned in our Company.


Had me till you said Tesla is like Apple.... maybe Apple 10 years ago under the leadership of Jobs.Now days they just have the brand name

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