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The underlying technologies have evolved during the last decades, and of course one should keep that in mind and adept accordingly, though the attitude to carefully create a handcrafted piece of solid work is something I often miss these days and I'd really like to see revived.Paano po kung ikaw naman ang nakabangga.Parents' income wasn't good enough to buy the house, so I included my income as well.Thank you for uploading on my birthday.

As you have proved that you can manage debt and risk like a boss.Gadi black smoke detector rahi h.SmackThe back of your milk dud.

They simply busted out my driver window

They simply busted out my driver window

I love Scottie's stories from the '70s.But yes I often wonder about this myself, thinking namely of the pull leader vs push boss.Ay naku papalitan mo ung car mo na lang or pabayaran mo ung buong car mo kesa ganyn na pinatatagal nila.I live in MA which is an at fault state.Pas How do you get all bad ice cream 3 on hudgames characters?6 Mini and is cheap to insure, just the downside is 200 to tax for a year and only gets 42 mpg.I appreciate you for taking out your time to share what you know.Sahe Kia kyo keyoke Maruti ke baggti Nahi hogi.Koodiyal 1Lk mathram kail vachondu baky cc aettum anu, allathe full payment nadatharilla.

Standard question"Who's the loan with?A lot of gaps in his presentation!From the great state of obesity.Just something to think about : How many of the pople that work for Hyundai or Samsung are entrepreneurs?Having Hella time getting FULL Damned REbuild- didnt ell me until title- 1 speed trap 32 mph in 15 mph school.Sorry Dave, but credit cards are not a problem.

Honest reviewI just love to watch

Honest reviewI just love to watch

Nice videoThis is an animation link my friend sent to me.Great pride in what you do!Charging stations should be universal for all.Having seen this come up in my feed I decided to click on it and so far I have not been disappointed and even the comments are all positive!If I open the app it works for 5 seconds or something like that and then the app crashes.

Shikha Rani

Please upload episode 76


Stop!Stop opening the lid!Please!!!-)Curiously, I always closed the lid when playing records even on my own record players that didn't have nearly as much surface noise as the Victrola.Also, it's funny that Edison's disks were so thick.When I first heard about compact discs coming out, I thought that they would be rather thick things, too, and was pleasantly surprised to find out how thin they actually were.

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I know all about this scenario! Student loans are only for educational purposes living expenses while a student is enrolled in college, not for one's parents to go off to Europe with!!!

Two Indian Men

Bernie pushing for healthcare coz he running out of insurance


Nusrat Ismail Mahar

Subhan Allah, deen mn bhot asaniyan hn alhamdulilah. Logon ne deen ko mushkil bana diya ha,

azri nordin

jgn smbg byr.dh pesan byk kali lg mau buat.tak ke hanat tu.tak bole jgn beli atau smbg byr.mkn diri nnti.hanat

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Dude, I’m so inspired. Where did you learn how to weld?

Thank you so much


6:35 The Bad Guess error is just saying that you used a guess that was not in the bounds of the solutions you set in the calculator. if you were to clear the number in the X variable and put in 1 you should get 5 ( 4.99999999999 because of the round off error).

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33:08 his reaction


"making you sign away your rights" -as in have an account right??

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Sir jaise hamara 100 square gaj me ghr bna hua hUsi pr loan lena h aur uper aur makan bnane ke liye loan lena hTo mil to jayega nEske liye kya krna hogaReply pllllllllllllleaseeeeee

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8:00"Here, let me help you with that".SMASH...CRUNCH...

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What I did was pay all but 3k in cash and got a loan for the rest.I had no price issues and got a longer warranty because of the loan.Paid the truck off in 4 months just to get it to report to the creditors.


Im gunna fackin chin him pmsl

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You should tell actual amount so ppl get idea

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Zawar Bhai tractor trolly k 2 wheals baray aur. 2 chotay keeon hoty haiiiiiiiin


Sounds like LTT can make their money back selling this mod to other red camera owners LOL

metro filepkd


donate that pc to me ill pay for shipping )

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Hello sir Mere Bhai ka accident ho gya he 16/03/2019 ko death ho gyi he vo Pvt hoshpital me daylsis technisan ki post pr kam karte thebhaiya ki age 31yrs he unki basic salry 11000 rupay thi overtime milakr 4000 total 15000 rupay milti thi kitna benefit milega bhaiya married the 9month ka baby bhi he mummy Papa wife he kitna amount mil sakta he


I disagree about the materials and the build quality first of all, Tesla does not offer animal-free materials. Yes, Americans don't care and make fun of it...because they are retards. I don't have to be an animal rights activist to support materials in my car which no animal had to die for. That is standard with German manufacturers for years now. Also, my neighbor got a Tesla 3 here in Germany. Horrible interior. The wear and tear on those seats is atrocious. His older VW Golf Diesel is not remotely that worn out. At the end of day he always says he regrets getting the Tesla and he will not continue the lease once it's up. He did a couple of interesting comparisons and calculations, and his very efficient VW Diesel is almost as cheap to maintain as the Tesla yet was less half the price. You have to drive MANY MANY kilometers to make that VW as financially inefficient as the Tesla. Also, charging is a big problem. And let's not get into the engineering facts, e.g. that battery cars are only for urban hipsters.

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Keep ur videos short first 4 minutes u cud ve edited to 30 secs

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I love the way you make videos, its very easy to understand thumbs up keep uploading interactive videos