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So you're basically building a sleeper out of this car, unless you're actually going to be racing the car you're actually wasting money in the long run.Thank you men, it's step by step.Bro your laugh is.You can't take pcp cars out of the U.Maruti surf meiledgeresale value chahiay.

Este video es vueno.

Este video es vueno.

Zombies mi preferidoy oo dejan pasar.If I buy stocks, the absolute worst that can happen is they go to 0.Thankyouuu I'll try thisss.All of the payments have been made early and during one month I made 3 full payments.I'm smiling from ear to ear.Let's vote for those who want to decrease taxationconfiscation.

Is that how fast it actually goes, also

Is that how fast it actually goes, also

Only do this if you are financing a car and rent not if you own because then they could look to liquidate that.Electric car market will boom after 50years sir not now.Hello, please contact me.If you have a mortgage, swap it for a 1st position HELOC and and you'll pay it off in years vs decades.Choppy choppy seemed as if James Bond.Woah how the fuck do you go 130 mph for 30 mins?Just found your channel the other day and I've been fucking dying watching this shit.

We demand another Skoda video.Too many people need to be 'placated" with extra noise these days.Once someone learns music the sky is the limit.It's really in depth and easy to follow :)Below is just a short rant about my inspiration :) ignore it if you wantI've always liked the idea of van living since I was young, but everyone I knew seemed to think it was impractical.) but I just would’ve thought people would be marked down for stuff like that.

For rental expenses under $100 if I don’t have the actual receipt but a bank statement.Thanks for sharing this Jay, never been a big motorcycle guy I can really appreciate the craftsmanship of what these bikes have!What is is suggesting as a women genitals are more important than family, community and ethics that is deeply insulting."Well thats not too bad" my friend said.7 Hyundai and an Mx5.Naa service 8 years vundi.Ye video purany hogai hy 2018 ky hisab su upload karo.What I understood is financial discipline is the key of success.

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Most freaking clips I have ever seen so far



Aluminium City

Over all Rent always good and flexible


Thanks chetta..


This CORONA-VIRUS, is a Bio-Weapon that Targets Elderly people.Get over it.


Still here

jeremy S

the amount of fun is equal to the amount of snow they get all year around!

Rae Lazaroo

I love this guy! Bless your heart for speaking a visual learner's language. I see pictures in my head and you've helped even without drawing it.

Aman Ku'rang

Sir, Rice mill Lena ka subsidy batao Sir

Odalis Guillen

Mine is tomorrow!!!

Shahzaib Akhtar

Alto best hai smooth riding aur luxrious look like new car


Looks like someone did a bad job installing the timing belt. Nearly new looking belt, no tension.

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Music name plz

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great follow up. I could watch your video's all day and sometimes I do.

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Nice eyes Elliot.

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This video would have not been this great if a cameraman was there.

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Dileep Pg , . - Tata Tiago Or- Wagon r 2019 ?


For a great tesla related challenge - How about you actually upload to the Tesla channel?

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There is no point in checking the mirrors before activating the turn signal.. It's important to check mirrors before you start braking.