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What good’s a thesaurus on this show?The stock market plunges and instead of gold going up, it plunges too.That was a waste of a great car with service history and also 'history'.Very well explained.But I have my mind and I think FL will sink more and more.

Benny's cresta 9.So i do not need any coverage or i do not ask claime any inshurence co to forfit my losses.Love your videos!Kinda like the last quarter of a bama game.45:35 - I can break an apple in half with my bare hands.I am stuck between choosing Ford EcoSport AT and Venue AT.

Voice sunkar face dekhneka man tha aaj pura hua.Thank you so much!Maybe my impression is wrong but that is what my experience says.I want to startSIP investment urgently.My sister and I for 3 year did some volunteer work at Pebble Beach and La Jolla car show." You're a dick?

For poor people.If someone do not have form 15 how he can come out from this?This hits right at home with allot of us.I can’t afford the maintenance on the m3 lol.Okay so the sensor for mine is black.

Thank you for this upload!

Thank you for this upload!

Bro do you have a radar detector or the Waze app?Registration date konsa dalne ka.We have two options right now.Although I know all of this, you are very fluent.Maybe i am exaggerating.Pls number tharamo.0:02 WHATUP FUCKERS.

I've paid a car loan off within

I've paid a car loan off within

I want to reaction by his wife or family.I hope he never develops military AI or else we are dooomed!If you are not familiar with economics and the dealings of the Fed, central banks, and Wall Street then it may take you some time to pick up on some of the terms they use.You should encourage viewers to go for a cleaner greener vehicle.Please reply meSir.Creative mind use of 2007 2013 amazing.Sir I'm having 2010 indigo manza diesel.A shthole country can take on many forms.

Please make a video Hyundai venue vs

Please make a video Hyundai venue vs

Are there any other adapters you feel I should get?I like this drama very much.Saw this video on induction.Ye Sab details ek hi jagah Kahan pe milsakta hai.Rachels Irish Accent was Hilarious.Poor decisions guy now has to find a second job and plans on going back to school soon.

daniel ash

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Why is this on my recomended after 4 years

Mohammed Ali

Sir rijester date 2000 kaysy karty hy

Mr. Anonymous

What type of flour does he use

prasanta bera

Very helpful

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Thank you so much bro. Chitty or mutual fund nn doubt adichu nilkunna enne polae kure aalukalku valare helping aanu ee vdo.

Nemesis C

Lol 'respect should be earned' , I'm sure that's why he never mentions Richard Stallman. . .And takes credit for a community he did not pioneer.

Suresh Madnal

debit card change karna hai


What about bare aluminium with a brushed affect with a coat of lacquer over it?

Dhiraj Raj Khatri

Maruti Band karao! Ho gaya h inka kaam!!

Fiveo waf

The biggest surprise for me is that they could fix all that for 3,500

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just casually helping thieves

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Bhai Tum Kyu Tata k piche pde we


i can barley understand you.

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Jon Richardson is looking rough

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Hii brogood information broEla unnaru bro


"this industry has great integrity" Yea

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I like your voice. You seem like you'd make a good friend.

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I actually did go to UTI, (not sure if he was joking). Now I'm a chemical operator at a pharmaceutical plant. Go UTI.

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They will lock up your system if you don't pay them for their BS work.

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Nah, you need balls

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Indobar ke bare me mereko batana

zector tech

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Ivide onnum kaanan illalo..goa ethiyille

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Bet this guy’s a riot after a night in the boozers

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Peace of crap.. guess what $700,000 to buy those... no way.. these houses are every where even in toronto.. lot of people don’t know here in canada, what sort of life style they are in.. its good thing one way but people who know they cannot stand canada, too expensive and bad not getting what you paying..


Not a carat

Ivan Santana

I am Brazilian and probably I'll never have an electric car, but I am learning English and your videos help me a lot. Your pronunciation is clear, objective and easy to understand. Congratulations!