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How is Bankers Life and Causality?

How is Bankers Life and Causality?

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Thanks man. Inspirational try once had a '76 F150 with a bad 3rd. Cylinder. I had an epiphany and took off 3 cylinder spark plug wire. Grounded it on dipstick. No more banging in the engine. Then I was told to take the "4th. cylinder wire off...lets say firing order was 12345678 (I doubt that wasthe firing order likely wasn't that sequence, but who cares). So, my V8 became a V6 and I had it for years after that. No loss of speed, but I didn't speed with that truck. No engine problems. I'm no mechanic, but IJERRYRIGGED it out of necesity and it worked. Food for thought. FYI.DAVIDALBERT

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