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Pestilence Quest not finishing (spoilers) :: Kingdom Come

kingdom come deliverance pestilence questBy pressing you can choose which of the non-completed quests you want to pursue. You can pursue a maximum of three at any time. After launching the quest, a coloured shield will be assigned to it, which on the map and on the compass shows the waypoints for completing the various objectives in the quest. The place shown on the map maybe a specific point or an area.

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kingdom come deliverance pestilence questMain Story. This is the first quest in the main storyline of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and it will be automatically added to your journal when you start a new game. 2 Run! My home town was attacked by foreign soldiers and many people slaughtered. I couldn't get inside the castle before they closed the gates, so they sent me to Talmberg

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Pestilence Quest Guide

Pestilence is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. After the events in Baptism of Fire, the village of Merhojed is both attacked by bandits and struck with plague. It also ties into the main quest storyline, and you will need to complete it in order to complete Questions and Answers.

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Feb 13, 2018 · Pestilence Quest. Next is Plague, which is also not the one as it doesn't affect small animals, and the major symptoms are not relevant to what the people are suffering from. It's not the Saint Vitas Dance, as evidence itself shows no one is outright that far gone with delirium. Only one man has an issue associated with that,

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Pestilence Side Quest Walkthrough

Questions and Answers is the fifteenth main quest  in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It begins once you enter the hall of the Upper Castle of Rattay, after the events of Baptism of Fire. It is intertwined with the side quest Pestilence, as the citizens of Merhojed are suffering from a strange plague that impedes Henry's investigation.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Pestilence Quest - Merhojed Plague

Pestilence is a Side Quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD). This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of Pestilence Side Quest, how to brew the remedy potion at alchemy bench, and how to heal all the sick to earn the Plague Doctor trophy / achievement. The goal of this side quest is to heal all the stick of Merhojed.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Pestilence side quest guide - How to

Dec 18, 2018 · Here’s our guide to the Pestilence side quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance, with instructions on how to cure all of the afflicted in Merhojed and bag the Plague Doctor trophy.

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kingdom come deliverance pestilence questThis Kingdom Come: Deliverance walkthrough focuses on the main storyline centering around the character Henry, son of a blacksmith of the town of Skalitz, and unfolds as a tale of revenge among the

How To Complete The Pestilence Quest In Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Pestilence Quest Guide in Kingdom Come Deliverance. There are also a handful of interesting side quests to keep you busy. Pestilence is a side quest which tasks the player with helping to cure the village of Merhojed from a formidable plague. You will unlock it during the main ‘Questions and Answers’ quest.
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