KIA Kuwait TV Commercial 2015

Thank you for your help, very nice and clear.Without a figure to illustrate the case.I should know since I've done it!Love the vids mate.No matter victim is poor or rich.The strongest reason is thatif the caller and her family hit real adversity, her money-foolish sister and mother would probably find a reason not to help her.

Sales office kidher hai.Ivan fraud aanu athu fraud aanu enn paranja ppo avan phone vechu.Are you still doing the cheap insurance video?   I always thought that when your carrying such a wide load, your supposed to have an escort.Quote : Sara Mizzi - When the buying stops, the killing can too.

I can only afford base

I can only afford base

Zavar bi ap ka show room kidr avalibla ha.Zawar awan bhai carry dba 3 lakh tk knsa modle mil jay ga.Is ex showroom price fixed price in city?Great videos from MR.Oh My God They got Chuck Norse were all doomed!God bless u guys.Thanks for this somewhat personal video, Doug.How does it work with student loans and credit cards?Two I know of require $250-500 minimum at the same competitive rates.

when any decent car man

when any decent car man

Can't wait to bust out these discounts.Sir I have a doubt In calculation of compounded annual growth rate.Cheaters are like DHONGIBILLA making robbery of gentle constomer.I have a question you.Sir warranty to thik hai unlimit aata hai is me Lambe Samay Tak ke liyesir please bataya.I was in prison to my stuff my wife's stuff my children's stuff.

Bhai bat sun 5 lakh

Bhai bat sun 5 lakh

It is immoral, to give this kind of credit and for universities to be so expensive.Their rate was the exact same as my bank.Nobody really talks this much and can stand or enjoy too long of it which has thrown my confidence off towards people with higher standards than me.Dude you are short jk.Boobs are heavy.Soooooo the toyota Camry is the car version of the toyota celica?Still wearing its 54yr oldoriginal tyres, WOW.I applied for a bofa cc and was denied.The FICO model to me needs to evolve I think it is outdated.



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Superb sir.superb ga motivate chesaaru

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They send him this fully assembled setup and instead of setting it up and seeing what they sent him as shipped and testing what they sent as shipped. He just starts tearing it all down to examine what they sent him! I can just imagine the colorful language the person who built this was using when he or she saw this video! Linus do you ever just try out something without a tear down first? So you never got the baseline specs and benchmarks from this system in the as shipped condition? Hmmm makes me wonder if you will still be on their shipping list next time they release a new product? I love your channel and the vast majority of your videos but my observations of the first 20 mins here are like "What the hell is he doing"?Like me you have no fear in tearing it down.


I bought a little Kia Rio used to jump around in. Bought it for about 60% cost of new (not a great deal, but not bad). After 5 years and maybe 70k miles, I sold it for a few thousand to a teenager. Even when I factored in a few engine repairs, it came out to around $95/month. There’s nowhere you could get a deal that good!

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It seems, it may not sustain in the Indian market. high prices, Indians will not prefer.

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Assume I have been claiming insurance repeatedly. After few years, me and my friend decide to sell our cars. Assuming we both have the same model n everything is same, the only difference is that I claimed insurance many times and he claimed insurance maybe 4-5 times. Will the value of my car, at the time of sale, will be less than my friend only due to the number of claims I made??

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His whole life spent on grabbing. And grabbing he will, to the very hour he dies.:-))

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Shinny side up lol thats drug talk