JOYING Intel Based head unit 10.1 - SPDIF DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT!!!

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Thanx for the info.

Thanx for the info.

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FoxNews propagandists would be doing backflips and spin their heads if this were Obama.

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Says "you can find a Vin decoder for any car!!"Me: "unless it is a 71 super beetle"(True story)

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Came for the cat. not disappointed. Do rich people watch Scotty? People who buy these money pit cars don't care about cost and most of them do lease. It is the second and third owners that make the mistake of buying one. Regular folk buy a Camry, Sonata or Accord. Don't worry be happy.


I think the game's name comes from the fact that his name is Bacon, like the food, it's not a direct link, but subconciously, saying six degrees of kevin bacon, the word bacon creates a distraction in the sentence, making it funnier, 6 degrees of tom hank is not funny, 6 degrees of kevin bacon is, it's a higher degree of irony..... it's only explicable by the culture we live in, alien translating this could never understand why it,s funny, it's the cultural impact of bacon (the food)

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Elon Musk for president.

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"You need to give me $500"Or I can just restore the previous VM snapshot and get it all back in under 20 seconds wha wha wha.

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His voice is like lesters

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Ma Sha Allah right

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She said it was her fault.  I agree.  She wasn't smart about any of this.  Do your homework.  Check out your credit score BEFORE you even start shopping.  Know what you want.  Almost everyone has a smart phone.  Download a car buying app and check the real value first.  If you don't have one then get the car info and go to a computer somewhere and look up the info where you aren't pressured.  Never ever let the salesman run the show unless you want to be like her.  You can always pre-qualify for a loan from your bank and they will help you with details involving the purchase as well.


1:13:36 this really ain't rocket surgery

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Exchange options udo?