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Sir maine nano li hai, aur 35000 km chali hai, aur uska clutch ka setting shayad theek nhi hai, q ki, jab 1st gear me agar clutch ko chorta hu, aur exletor dabata hu to, gadi jyda load le rahi hai, kabhi band bhi padti hai kya problem hoga?So which one should i stick with.15:43 - 15:53 MEGA OOF.Has very low miles only 17,000.Wait so the blockades, that had people going cold, hungry, and raising their food billsare now irritated and pushing backOHHH GEEEE, who would have seen that coming.Yah kis jaga ho rha hy show.5:55 this killed me.0 6070bhp will most likely drive it like it's fast.

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Adipoli aayirinu Binnicha.Loved the law and order transition.I love this app and will be using it for long term investing.They offer low rates to hook you then find a BS reason months or years later to raise your rates or no reason at all.Thank you for putting this video together.Hi random person scrolling through the comments while watching an amazing vid!Like albert einsteins rueckwaerts to do.Idk when Dave ramsey can’t breathe.Wich stock is best.

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14:32 almost died laughing

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Does tata provide return to invoice?

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Seriously these people lack knowledge of basic physics if a car hit you the force and speed of the car would send your body flying also some of them just lay on the ground when the car is ten feet away

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Congratulations to you guys for doing it,never giving up,spending time with your friends and most of all, Having Fun ! I wish I had enough motivated friends to do something like this. If I could find some like minded folks I'd probably try something basic, pre computered 2wd mini truck with a Buick 231 V6 , carbureted. Thanks again, enjoyed the excellent video too !!

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