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Can you please suggest

Can you please suggest

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Price ne kurichonnum paranjilallo.

Price ne kurichonnum paranjilallo.

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Itni c drvng sy

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Being charged more if paying over time,

Being charged more if paying over time,

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Very nice explanation. I have a small question .. assuming I have a credit card whose credit limit is 10k and I have done 2k worth of shopping on that and the statement has not been generated yet because of billing cycle. In this case, if I do balance transfer of remaining 8k, can I go ahead and pay off 2k first because that was used before I awailed 8k benefit ?Or do u think 2k will invite higher rate of interest ?Effectively, I am asking this question with a little twist in relation to what u explained ?If u r not sure, then do u think paying of 2k for which statement has not generated and then availing 8k bal transfer makes things less complicated and less risky ?

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Very well presented. The numbers don't lie. I am 59 and there is no way I want the cost or complexity of the new cars as I near my final retirement.

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I felt Jonathan’s debt free scream! Yesssssss! Congrats dude!