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7 lac only,What to do?But indian companies ellathee akkum.Super cool to watch operate.I’m concerned he’s not wearing goggles, gloves white coats when he says Ammonia DiChromate is poison.Just one turn and you're finishing first.A world without Bob Mortimer is a world not worth living in.I know they will want off the lot to bring in another Mercedes, only thing I don’t like is no automatic starter.There are EMTs and Paramedics who literally and I mean LITERALLY, are just about the same as medics in GTA.

33:07Jay:It's warming up now.I wish my wife could just love on this lady.One of the greats!Great vacation in Arizona!Thanks for posting!

Cammers the type everyone hates!

Cammers the type everyone hates!

However I have also seen some banks send back checks saying you paid too much and they are reimbursing you when trying to pay towards principle though I suppose that could be a fluke that could be challenged.So i named list of data for each group and move to sheet1 and did validation drop list.Thank you so much you explanation is very easy to understand its very helpful.REAGANto TRUMP deregulated the wealth and we are SCREWED, do not bend overGREED isN O T GREATER than DEMOCRACY.Modi ji we are with you.Name her Dirty Double Pump Debbie!Yea banda humen apni video dekhta haii our mashwry business k dytaa haii.

Good luck trying it without no!Your videos are fantastic.12 grand isn't anything really.WHATS UP WITH THAT?Chutiya banate hai saale.Now im briding with hope.I had my insurance cancelled with more than smart wheels and now im struggling to find insurance for my car any help and advice thank you.How far you can drive this car?Petroleum engineering doesnot look good.Pre-inspection is Inspection of the vehicle before acceptance of the risk by an insurance company about the physical condition of the car.

Akela arjun sab par bari.

Akela arjun sab par bari.

I swear to all things holy, the driver of the GTI is Jack.I'm with you all the way Ashley.Save your money and get a lexus or Acura, Than Either of these two money pits.PROPS TO THE MAN!Remote gates were easy as well.(City-Pune, Maharashtra) My concerns1.3:03 How a royal kid gets its kicks from his servants.

I love your videos.

I love your videos.

Sir apka contact number dijiye.Thanks for this video.I think it's better to aggressively pay off the auto loan and do not ever again finance a car!This is just one of his many abuses of power.Lead a simple life to escape from the clutches from Capitalists.Sir can you plese help me to use SUMIFS Function in userForm PLz.Sir meri salary 20000 hai to mujhe car loan mil jayega ya nahi but me income tax return nahi deta.

I 100% agree with the point you are making but this example is ludicrous from a moral perspective.Oh, in 2019 he was offered a brand new 680 hp 6x6 G be Wagon, and $36,000.This helped me so much.Dont believe this guy bs.Fortuner is best.

Callmethe G

in Newcastle!!! the cheapest insurance for me is 3500 excess 3000 if you crash deposit 700 i just passed my driving test! are you fucking with me???? Fucking dick suckers , taking these kind of money from people just to tell you that they cant help you if you get in an accident but the money they take from you is fucking sick! I was so happy that i gat my license, it eas my dream till i found out the prices for the reinsurance! i dont have fucking Lamborghini you cunts!


As a die hard pc user I was shocked when I heard the difference between the onboard audio on the macbook air 2018

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Name it beasticon

Ken Kozawa

oh god scotty is just pure smh....


Lol y finance 10 k when most scammer dealers pump you up to do 19 k

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This guy has an awesome voice. I believe he could sell an Eskimo a bucket of snow.


Mashallah achi tarah samajhaya.jazakallhu khair

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They're 30 years old, but, looks 45.

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very good video i like it very much thanks

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One past One in, one past one in.

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4:42 you said call them up ? So who do I call lol my bank? I’m confused sorry


Orange and black everyday like its Halloween.

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I was wondering if there was anyone who has token his Insurance Course and paid the $75?? I want to know if its really helpful and worth paying for it? I'm going to take my Personal Lines Broker-Agent Exam really soon! Thank you in advance!

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I like how Rob talks about his super cars like their just rental cars , I know they are but it's just FUNNY!! I could see him renting Jay Leno cars haha

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Dude at 39.57 yeah we raced it at theNurembergring ??? Are you sure about that bro

Rita Yadav Rita Yadav

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Rajesh Kumar


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Mas maganda cgru kun ika cash lng po natin.. masakit sa ulo ang monthly amortization d po ba?