I am in the process of selling my car to get rid of that payment ($320mo).U r very rational.I have seen them inflate the numbers, the price of the car, the amount given in trade, the amount of down payment.Flip phone all the way!

Really good video thank you very much.It's a recognizable thing that i have searched for many years.The toyota turned out to be in terrible condition.Sir aapka Whatsapp number block dikharha hai.

10 years from now some

10 years from now some

350- charges haakthare, nijavagiyu ivaru "baddi" maklu.2011- you get one for 15-25 grand now 50grand.Very good analysis of the hidden dilemma which is not really hidden.I love acoustic giutar also i love build work there someday.Haven’t bought a ChryslerDodge product for several years.Nice job,Keep it up.Shoestring trick worked perfectly!I have also included the cost of putting in the home charging outlet in my budget, though you could argue whether or not that belongs in the monthly cost estimate.Some said pay it in full some say pay it but leave 5$ balance?

Congratulations Ryan!Real talk the cooler is dope id pay 17 for it.Repression of the --ws that support banks and a proinflationary economy is gods will.It uses dials to set any particular settings and it is just easy to operate and, most of all, it is very dependable- no electronics.Hey frizeris is there an para 15.It's better we consult someone else rather than watching this useless video.

But lenders typically charge a fee for that.What Uptown what up toddler Kirby what's up Jasmine love Merry Christmas to all of y'all God of Christmas stuff to eat the girl.1 ya 2 bar kafi hai.You have to admire and love the passion this man has for chemistry.I don’t know why I made this but 32k views that’s pretty nice.Asphlalt 8 is a best.

Its not my house

Its not my house

Whether it will profitable or not.Maserati 3200 GT 5.We work hard to get to that magical place called Retirement only to find out we are just tooold and worn out to enjoy it.Why would you take your McLaren to a b-shop for repairs?He will pass his test eventually and start driving like a massive twat on a BMW.Newly sub bro salamat sa mga advice God bless actually naka sub nako dati palit account lang.This is how many people love PDK films.I can tell by the comments in this thread.

Never piss a sista off.0:15 that's him serving the customer!Can you make similar video for your E63 amg please.BMWs are gigantic money pits (same goes for every other European brand).How does this benefit the company?Thanks for inspiring my hifi system Techmoan!Jeff Bezos deserves EVERY square inch of that house given what he's done for all of us with Amazon.

Allah tala

Claim lene segadhi ki depreciation kmm hoti h kyaa?

Keith Matthews

Scotty is the only person on Youtube that can upload a 10 minute video every 5 minutes.

Irfan Ramzan

nice, informative video.four first video was very good.Keep it.

Joel Hofstetter

Hello Anthony good luck finding a goodvehicle buddy

Ryan Walker

Ignore the negativity Erin, you’ll get there. Anyone saying you should be further ahead doesn’t appreciate that everyone learns at their own pace. There’s no rush, it’s not a race to pass your test. When you’re ready you’ll smash it I’m sure - in the meantime keep up the hard work.

Tom B

i have a punto t-jet since i was 18 only 1700 insurance and faster than all of these cars but id take the mx-5 any day

Mehmet etin

perfect. do you have turkish genes? :)


They’re just gonna ignore da prius

Subu Tiwari

It's look to sexey

Goodwill Nxumalo

Rolls Royce is the king of luxury




You are cool sir,

Alec Grolimond

My beef is with Air France even after KLM took over.Two times I had problems and will never fly Air France again.


Are you busy next week

Asset Yogi

It should be 6 June 6:19. Thanks Abhishek Saxena and Fish Point 786 for pointing out the error.


Sir mene loan liya h, jb repayment krta hu to interest pay krne k baad b jb ap repayment amount bharte h to fir usme interest Q btata h?

chris 1

Didn't find a stollen wod shooting tigers in that one. He earned it !

niha S. C

Nice explanation...

Arun Chaudhary

you can do race with meYou wanna try ?

Pooja Kaur

Sir please bataye ki if I want to switch my home loan in another Bank than which one is the best for home loan

jan khan

No one needs to ask you as anyone booking new car would have enough knowledge to book it or go to any dealership and they will guide you