Hyundai Venue | Malayalam Review| Sx(o) 1.0 Petrol Manual

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Pulling my hairs out!

Pulling my hairs out!

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I had a good experience with College Park Hyundai last summer. They gave me a price on the internet for the car I wanted. They honored that price so I just had to negotiate my trade in. They tried to low ball me on the trade in but I kept saying no until they paid me what KBB said was a fair trade in price. The only bad thing was it took 6.5 hours to buy the car and leave. None of the other Hyundai car dealers in MD would give me a price through email so I ignored them.

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"You shift with right which is weird" - Uhm, well. It would be weird if it were uncommon but left handed shifting is actually weird =D

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Anyone help?Found my first car before ive passed my test (currently doing lessons) its Volkswagen gf tdi- what was everyones insurance price for a 1.9l engine??

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