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Mate, get a lawyer and try to

Mate, get a lawyer and try to

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2jts as I got quoted 1,295

2jts as I got quoted 1,295

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your in good hands with allstate right? welkl I,ve been paying allstate over 60 dollars a month for libility insurance aquird by law in south Carolina now for 3 years,friday I was on my way to the junkyaed to sell some scrapt to get a few dollars for gas and cigerettes for myself,i made a left turn on plattsprings road to get in a medium where I put my right turn signal on waiting to turn right into a side road so I could get to the salsage yard to sell my scrape2 cars went on by I waitd and looked to my right and looked threw my side mirror I saw nobody coming as quirter mile down the road so I pulled out and made my turn and that's all I remember when I woke up in an abulence,i hit my head and my car quirter panel was destroid,i fild a claim with allstate the next day the adjuster never came out to even look at my car,he said bewcause I only had libility coverage and I contributed to the accident I was not getting not one dollar for the accident,now im stuck with a junk car and more bills I cant pay,

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The FBI planes circling LA are probably doing lots of things. I suspect HD still photos every few seconds - used to track any movement.

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Naari tharam paranju kodukathe bhai... Nigade oru video first time ane negative ayi thoniyate..

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Sir make a video on MBA plz

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But a disc is a cylinder - a very short, very wide cylinder.


Very useful and good information. Presentation is great too. I'm subbing. Thank you Naam.

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Can you help me inventory management sheet with daily issues and receiving item's


Your explanation is very crisp and indetail review.. Just point to point with great graphical representation... No time waste thing and highly professional.. Greatly recommended.. Btw, we would also like to have a same type of video on Diesel varients and their engine specs etc...


just a question.. they failed me with 4 x's on the straight for driving around 30/35 in housing estates and the guy told me at the end I should have been going between 40/45. I think thats rediculous. I was driving with due care due to cars on each sides of the road and the possibility of kids running out from behind cars. anyone else have a view on this? I have my test again tomorrow if I get anymore bullshit excuses like this to fail me I am appealing it


Idk how Dave manages to keep doing this, just listening to people's stories along with their stubbornness brings my energy down and depresses me.