How Your Body Runs without Carbs | Low Carb, No Carb, Or Keto? Part 1 of 2

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Imaginarium Re-imagining Home Grown Food

Bernie has lost Texas.............and he will be very lucky to hang on to is down to 9.7% and closing fast with another 63% yet to be counted Senile Joe will get more of the later votes than Bernie

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Dr. Thomas Sowell, one of the men that changed my life!

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4:13 blows up car and doesn’t dieoh he must be in his cedrives away like nothing happened-oh

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I also have Asphalt 8 AirborneHe's a hacker


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Kudos to the production team.The music playing when James pulls up inhis ' piece, of cheese ' is just perfect lol.

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Every society sacrifices for something. Until the 1960s Americans most commonly sacrificed for their children, then we were sold on smaller families so we could sacrifice for larger homes, for a better life today for the parents and the few children they had. Those children grew up with the better home as a primary goal, children a secondary goal.

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