How to setup Apple Carplay and Android auto in the 2017 Chevy Cruze and other models with base radio

How did to copy paste the top panel ( orange coloured Login ).It amazes me the lengths people will go to save a grand on a vehicle.I have more than 20% of the asking price for a down payment, I was going to financethe rest, on the dealership website it has a finance tab so you can see if your preapproved, is it a good idea to go through the dealership or is that putting the dealership in a better position to not to budge on the price.

My 1964 rambler has the ultra rare tissue holder.Marketing strategy.Not a good choice.Only the r8 is the only supercar the others are just sports cars!They're total amateurs.This brings me back to when I had home brew, never thought twice about the stuff behind it though.Add up the ascii codes of their name and solve for modulo the length of the table and it will return their name, simply by plugging their name into the calculation.I just heard this for the first time pure gold he was sweating over that report lmao if I did this to my dad he would kill me lmao.

There was no warning that could

There was no warning that could

Kitna % interest rate hai.Dave should have just said I told you so.Ur every video is great.Should Not approve manufacturing of Cars below 55 Global NCAP ratings.But if i have to pay the deductable any way wouldnt i save money by not having insurance and just putting it away so i have money for other problems that might happen besides car accidents?

Those VQs sound sweet.Most buttholes are.I strongly disagree with the point of buying in cash.Enough with the banjo already!It is bullshit propaganda.Good stuff, maybe this will help me get my wife on board lol.

I hate ppl ghat go to school basically for no reason.Great personality.Great and easy way of explaining thetopic, thank you very much.Were an incoming immigrants with zero credit score, as my wife is going to work there (PA) as a nurse.Yes, the old Victrolas can play surprisingly loud.How did u pop ur trunk or doors in single player mode?I want to fucking buy it.Why is the el cheapo slightly better than my computer I run a 18 1400x900 monitor.

Great information.

Great information.

Brilliant really I do say me self.I found his books just browsing the library (yes I am that old) and was blown away!Great video, very informative.I am so mad I didn't find this video sooner.Yatin KalraSurveyor and loss assessor.I tried to backup my whole 600gb windows 10 system and wow.

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Lorries should not be allowed in the left lane. I hate when I’m on the interstate and there’s a damn semi that I can’t pass because he’s just chilling in the left lane going 10 under the limit


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I am currently looking at new c7 and was surprised that you cannot get heated steering wheel in any option package. Do you concur, and what would be the reason ?



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With the current economic growth of 5%, fall in manufacturing sector employment, increasing NPAs getting 12% roi is not all possible. Just for analysis the above statistics is good, but not in reality. As long as ur roi is less than home loan interest rate the above propositions r not good. First understand economic growth. MFs r not so simple risk oriented.


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