How To: Find BONDO and RUST On A Classic Car Or Truck

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They completely butchered

They completely butchered

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I am playing Forza Horizon 3. It all because of you inspire me

Please get a rear end PLEASEEEEE

vivekanand kushawaha

Kya jama paisa jab chahe le sakate hai

Alfie Whittaker

this car was scrapped good riddance.

Asmabi C

Tata altroz aano nexon aano vaaghikan better ??


K5 Blazer frame

karan chopra

too costly


13:02 a 'wow' missed opportunity - 300 mph/kph speedometer

xiao yan

I once wants to buy a subaru outback in 2015, I like the car and willing to close the deal right away. For a MSRP 34000 car, the dealer offered me no discount. I have to walk away for my pride. Then I go online and get an internet offer of a $2800 discount, then I buy the exact same car at another dealership the next day.

DeBora Gross

Car buying, like life, is all a game!!!..So study, learn PLAY2WIN!


R8 v10 plus is 2.9 secs not 3.2 ...

Zuhair Affan

Ap ke friend Auto Expert Guru kidhar hai?

angelo greenwood

i gave my car back to santander 20,000 owed on a 2008 car