How To Find & Wire In A Permanant or Ignition Live From A Car's Fuse Box

Your presentation is good, camera filming good and no waisted down time.Some of these look more like a "My joblife is really shitty, I'll just joke to my friends about getting run over by a car, by jumping into a car.Hi I have a doubt.

My screen goes red over time after repairing screen, please help.12:43 he says "we just added this box to stop it buzzing.Another fun thing to do is say I’ll answer everyone of your questions if I get to ask you a question in return and that usually goes south in a hurry.The best learning comes from these kinds of experiments!Hey is that a Leatherman multitool?

Bhai mera age 37 mera loan

Bhai mera age 37 mera loan

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this with coffee in the morning is my heaven.

Ajay Shelar

Isko tere pass hi rakhana. Sale mat Karna .puja karta do time.samja kya.

Hari Om

Sir batate bahut badiya hai but bahut beep beep kerte hai

r spence346

Get yourself a 98-02 Camaro or trans am with the LS1


What a sad country to live in for a car enthusiast... 6000 pounds to insure such a shitbox? That's a good reason to emigrate.

Frederick Ewusie

Thank you very much for your time.

Sampath Kumar

Practically impossible

Daniel Galiza


Junaid Khan

Mera budget 150000 rupees he dikhao koi aur

Sonu Prajapati

Nahin khul raha hai



aeria mathson

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CarTooN ForKids

Wonderful time

Gamesgamer024 The gamer

I like to wonder how many car thieves have watched this lol

Greian Salvio

How about helicopters and boats?

Nathan Daily

Looks like he did a great job considering it was outdoors in the elements with cars driving by while he's spraying paint/clear. Would like to know what he changed and where this is located?