How To Build A Sleeper [Feature Length]

Sir 20 Sal me makan kiraya bhi tobarega.What's jack rabbit starting?Just buy a trailer home, simple.

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Is for you to

Name the jeep BIG RED.People should pay you for this.Thats not possible, for real?Rakha haNusat Fateh Ali.Seriously, every car I've bought has been spot delivery and never had a single problem.And one mega cool gal!

Youtube has many

Youtube has many

Me : " struggle to get upgrad from 512Gb to 1 Tb" Linus : " ACCIDENTLY over 3 Pb".The reason car dealers tell folks to wait six months has to do with the profit they and their FI managers earn via financing.I have a query, am working in banking sector for the last three years.What I find even more annoying than the triggered drivers blocking lanes is the Snowflake drivers who are worried about being labelled a "queue jumper" who block the free lane by indicating left waaaaay too early but not being able to move across because the left hand lane isn't going anywhere.Yes sir good video informative video sir.Will I be liable to purchase from SSS motors?Low mood level or sadness is often the most prominent symptom.You are an inspiration for those of us caring for our environment."The true business of people should be to go back to school and think about whatever it was they were thinking about before somebody came along and told them they had to earn a living.

Left blind spot is unnecessary really

Left blind spot is unnecessary really

I'll talk to accounting later.He was real old school would put a long handled screw driver to his ear put the blade on different parts of the block, cylinder head say it’s the that’s the problem be spot on every time.Sounds like not being upfront runs in the family.Amit ji kya apne gagan choudhari ko is filled me train kiya h?Dear Pen Bhakti, Please share with us how many total part of this series?Credit card swap karaane ke bhi koi charges hote hai?Couldn't afford rent payments on hair.Now you can do cheesy french toast in your room in winter while encoding a video.

Kisi ko insurance

Kisi ko insurance

This video is awesome.Ken just bought Jeff his new daily driver.MD Rehan Khan Kolkata.What happens if l dont include all my w-2s in my taxes.39 people wished theywatched the video 2 years ago lol.00 credit limit what's my game plan to get a higher credit score and get a higher credit limit?It will be very helpfull.You are the best!I know I am writing the formula correct, I follow all tutorials but still doesn’t work.Bro I swear at 0:34 that was me watching that bs when I was like 12.

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Fire exsists Phil Swift: IT EVEN WORKS UNDERWATER!

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CustID cannot be a primary key sir. One of the rules of setting a PK is that each row must be unique within that column. Thank you

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Call "Nine Four Nine Five Nine One Nine One Nine Four"for Best Advice.. Thank You.




The setup for this experiment is so well done. I'm always impressed by how thorough you are. You do excellent work

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I still want a Honda Accord sport

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Especially important for High School age shooters not wanting to waste rounds.

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Hahaha 9:32 thanks. Awesome videos. It's easy to ignore the effort different teams put in these games, these types of videos are really eye opening. Keep up the good work.

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They are actually Two ways to increase wealth without credit. Increase the price of what you are selling. Withhold your productivity until your price is met. Alternatively you can lower the price you pay. And refuse to purchase at the higher price.


Life is too short to buy boring cars.


I had a great insurance experience a few years ago. Was a surprise to me, based on all the negative things I heard about insurance companies. I'm in Michigan, by the way. Long story short - I struck a deer on an interstate on a rainy night. Airbags deployed. Truck was towed to a local Ford Dealer, who provided the estimate for repair to the insurance company. I checked "blue book" values for my vehicle (a Ford Ranger). The blue book value was between $6800 and $7200. When the insurance company called, they said the estimate for repair was $6800. They gave me the option of totaling the truck, or they would authorize the repair, but only to the limit of the estimate, any overrun on the repairs would be my responsibility. I chose to total. When I received the check for my payout, it was substantially in excess of $10,000. When I called the adjuster, he explained they had given me the higher of the blue book value plus $2000 for what they could get from salvage parts, plus $200 since it was noted that the tires were virtually new (they were). They also included estimated tax on a replacement vehicle and the State of Michigan license transfer fee. They also allowed me to remove the truck bed cap so that I could sell it. While I'm pretty sure they ended up getting more for salvage than the $2000, I was very happy with the settlement and the speed with which they responded and acted, not at all like the horror stories I'd heard. The insurance company, by the way, was State Farm.

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Thanks for this, well done! Just a quick question, shouldn't year 1 on the excel file be technical year 0 (which is the present)?

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hey i have a $40000 truck loan i been paying for 3 years with a 6 year contract and i have around $17000-19000 left on this pay-off amount. I want to finish paying the amount in a year or maybe 1 and a half, what do you recommend? make larger payments? refinance?

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I see heaps of left hand drive cars on the road here in oz. Lots of lowriders and mustangs, A guy 200 meters up the road from me has a left hand drive chevy S10 he drives all the time. This car spends more time in the US than it does in OZ


Leave tow mode off and let it regen during towing )

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Why do you guys overcomplicate things so much? And then... Show other people how to overcomplicate things.. brake fluid is silicone. Gravity works on silicone, just like water. You open the bleeder. Watch the reservoir the master cylinder, get to the point where it's just about to be empty. And then refill it with DOT 5. Which is pure silicon. When your fluid goes from black, to purple,you're done. Takes about 30 minutes for Gravity to do the job for you. (Dot 5 is much more densethen Dot 3. And will not condensate.)Which isn't bad... Considering it pays an hour. But now think about it... How many cars can you have billing out 1 hour. For one person. Not two. And have gravity do the job for you, in 30 minutes?100 Hour Week Tech tip.Judging from the color of that fluid. And knowing, Ford Rangers. I would say, check your brake hoses. (They rot from the inside, out) give them a little squeeze between your fingers. If you can collapse the rubber line, replace it.Adding new fluid will increase the tensile strength of the fluid. Which will also increase the hydraulic pressure you can apply the brake system. At which time, this may expose any other problems you may be having with your brakes. Such as... Rotten steel lines. Make sure you check for any moisture around the steel lines from the front to the rear. This could be a clear indicator that you are about to have a brake failure. Better to find it now, then going down the road. 85% of car accidents are due to Mechanical failure. And 85% of those mechanical failures, are created by the technician. Not the factory. Currently we have approximately 30,000 people a year, dying in car accidents. As technicians, it is our responsibility to make sure that we have done our due diligence to the customer. And given them a properly repaired vehicle. If we are going to work as implied authorities. We should therefore be... Actual authorities.