How to add a fused circuit to your vehicle – how to fuse tap - by VOG (VegOilGuy)

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This has seriously been the best video on

This has seriously been the best video on

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damn shirts start at 48 bucks each and go up from there... better be the best shirt ever for that... i mean i cringe paying more then 10-15 bucks a shirt but then again im not made of money.

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Cheep compered to what? To the great houses in the UK, built at least 200 years ago? And not updated since then. With no foundation... Like a tent. With minimal insulation, with floors as old as history it self. Please do not make ugly comments about architecture when you come from the UK. Please!!!

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I bought Q2200 for my RV,and i tell you i love it.

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BTW, great videola!

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h ere ops o kkkkkk

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I can attest that I've made hundreds of dollars in like 6 months from credit card rewards with nearly zero effort and no extra spending. just takes discipline. and helps to watch this channel )

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I know it’s not much but every need for speed I make this build in it as close as I can

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You must make this video before because I have bought a new car if this this video was little bit early I must have bought it

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Dear ravi baiAgar hamara gaadi ka accident hotah hai but jiski naam par gaadi hai woh abroad me hai toh uss samay me hum case kar saktey hai kya agar hamare paas valid license hai toh agar galthi samne waaley ka hai toh ....? Hope sey waiting for your reply

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Agree with you sir

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rinuncular too

Finance for new cars is interest free at some New Zealand car dealerships.FREE. No strings attached. Up to 3 years if you want it. Also buying a service contract will save you heaps in servicing fees.Shoots a huge hole in your advice bud.


Holden was killed off by politics since this video aired. :(


Documents fees are profit,you moron. No dealer fee is legitimate. That's why government charges only destination and TTR. Your dealer fee is B's just like every other dealer!

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I loved the beatle joke. Keep going man, this channel is going to get huge

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As a Honda tech, I don't see how in all good conscience a tech could do a 100k service without wiping down the battery. Just my humble opinion.

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you can get a

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I applied for a first-time car loan at my local bank Mike. Car was worth $13,000 after all taxes and I put down $2,500 and my interest rate is at about 13% and my term is for 3 years. It’s been a year already in my loan and I owe about $7,000 more on the car. I thought about doubling my payment to pay off car faster but my car loan specialist told me its better if I just leave the loan so that my credit history can be longer. Any suggestions?


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