How The MINI Cooper Lost Its Cool

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Swanky little tune.

Swanky little tune.

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Why not just

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i love racing and have wanted to do this with good friends from gillette wy .i am sending this to them to watch .like all the others that said it is a good video thanks for making it

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Very nice video friend. Very good race

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We need watero (dam) insted of metero2025 ( ) ( )

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Goonzquard! Shout back if you guys are good. I believe you guy do live in Tennessee.. it’s all in the news about the Tornado that hit Tennessee..Shout back!


Insurance company ko fayda pouchane ke liye ye kanoon bana hai


Why has youtube recommended this? And why have I watched it completely? Also I had no idea so many people lived in boats in a small river, seems cool.

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bad example, as no one will name by hand a table, it needs to be done in code, not by hand.

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Thanks Bro...

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When it comes to servicing any German off-roader (i.e.: Mercedes-Benz, VW, etc.), there's a good selection of special tools available on Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. As long as you know what to buy, it'll save you headaches in the long run.

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To me, credit card rewards are just extra for what I'm already spending. I'm not spending more just to get it. I only use cash for small vendors that either don't accept CCs or they charge an extra fee to use.

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Had the taxi driver confirmed yet?

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I would love to work at an exotic car dealership, but there pretty much aren't any in new Hampshire


Can you modify a PCH or PCP?

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Famous last words: What could possibly go wrong.