😱 HORT Member bei der WM dabei | ANSAGE gegen TRYMACS | Hort vs Lost

Fantastic, but what is the brain training program?Someone that is a longtime dedicated Dave listener help me out on this one and correct me.He is not always right, there are plenty of other wealthy people who did not follow his ways.Low ceiling narrow etc.An old car is not necessarily a piece of junk if properly cared for.The least we can do for all he does for us.Sir is cvt automatic balenocan control speed by D moad to L moad if it has break problemplease make video on it.I ride bicycle every day so i dony need a car or no gym membership ).

I want to use

I want to use

Dave I wish I had your crystal ball that monitors the economies of the world.Uske baad wale month me meri mother ki death ho gayi aur main bahot financial crisis me fas gaya tha.If you would be interested I can offer you an opportunity to author a video course with us.Man erkennt oftmals nichts :-(.High security registration plate.Thanks you so much.You guys should buy a Porsche Boxter for 5k.Hindi me jyada samajh aata hai.A bit of this and a bit of that guys bird heeeelllloooo.

It has determined some

It has determined some

No insurance or license required, hell, I don't even need to plug it in to charge, the sun takes care of that.Online insurance ka claim kaise lete hai?Do you think that's a good place for money?Elon Musk is a genius!OK now this is Epic.

How long have you had a headache for?

How long have you had a headache for?

For 2nd hand car within 2.Jay z spending 100k is equivalent to someone making 420k spending 1k not 100, still not a big deal though.Anta sevanangalk peruth nanny.Can you do it with 6,000 dollors.You need to know that the doctors, psychiatrist, etc.Plz make some video on that.I know from back in my miss spent youth that the buildrestorationwhatever on your daily beater is going to be as expensive as buying a new fast car.

Sal Casales

Es mejor un Xiaomi, Calidad-Precio

Free Bird

"How you doing wee/big man?"- If you ever hear those words, they'll probably the last you EVER hear

Young Hitta

Thanks this is a informative video. Could you do a run down of USAA Discounts? Or does these discounts apply to other agencies

Mike Creed

It is almost as if China deliberately let this spread from their own country to affect trumps chances in the next election.Isn’t that election Medling by a foreign power?Change my mind.

Earth Chan

I tried to backup my whole 600gb windows 10 system and wow.



Aryen Rc

Smartly used and smartly pay

Prashanth Martin

your explanation on the negative / positive signs for PV and FV was very helpful and easy to understand! Good job and thanks for this video

Darren Fonzseau

Man, I wish you were in WA STATE  Peace from the CRAZY ONE 

Amanat khan

best jobs sir

Girija Bhuyan Hajarika

ok thn.. thnku


This is porn for wood fetishists


Make a video using real world scenario....Getting paid twice monthly and depositing in bank to write checks to pay bills...not $5k at once....

Rick Martin

Morons being pulled over by police, i could watch this all day, what a bunch of oxygen thieves.