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They will make wear chineese thumb puzzle on thumbs and balls.New vlogger from Detroit.Start matter at 5:30.I did the spending analysis a few years ago and it was definitely eye-opening.How planetary works.Jack posted a video "Where Will His Next Play Button Come From"Also Jack:Has A Wall Of Play ButtonsMe: I cant even get 1000 subscribers.STEROID IS BETTER.Nice sir thnxxxx.

4:24 - No wonder my package came

4:24 - No wonder my package came

Very good information sir.Please call me 9919778696.How do you open up a sealed phone.I just wish my salary was higher.Have you ever had to clean blood, out of the driver seat?Congratulations on turning your madness into method.How can we chose the best sip, if i select the 3rd option.Reminds me of that King of the Hill episode when hank finds out he got ripped off then those teenagecollege kids decide to blow up the lot while hank is caught on camera putting flyers on all the cars.I know inwas wrong but fuck man.Is it light or strong?

You guys are doing great job.Just checked on my piano haha, haven't found out if its true or not, I mean its probably not but still, good guess Lee.There is one accident from driverless car and it's sales will become questionable.I have no idea how to do stuff like these.Clod the end say?

I’ve never had Root Insurance.9k for the year :(.And most of our loans are only for two years.50 lakh on the name of me and my husband how much pension I will get annually and or aur month weather the pension will continue to my husband till he is surviving and then the capital amount can go to the the nominee please suggest as I am 70 years and my husband age 74 years.Between this and ISTA, it's been a great tool!Thank you for not trading in your cars.I have a credit score of 815 and built that score by having a credit card and using their system to increase my score.Please offer some advice regarding these so no more classics end up like that F40 in Monaco.Very informative sir.They also had basic lives until they started using me!

And when you use it too often, they

And when you use it too often, they

Real eye-opener.What the fuck, that's the ONLY English accent I cannot understand and it really pisses me off.Maruti wale sabse bade chor hain.Eppo njan 5lakh 5.How many cars he has in total?Now they claim no interest for 24 months, but not on sale items.5% and would be happy.


Is this one of your first videos? Background so boring Ice Bat and the peas was not born yet?? Oh speaking of credit score. So I met someone today with a score 842. Curious about his credit history I asked him about it. He has zero balances. 7 credit cards. CL is probably very high. He's much older. No loans. He uses his card and pays it off right away. Mines is 746. I was SO happy when it finally reached 700 I got school loans and more then 10 credit cards with high balances. I'm focusing on paying it all off. I wanna hit 800

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Tommy Harris

Great Intro, the best I’ve encountered. Thanks.However, I still have a prob. Where my decimal point at the initial setup should be located, ie after pressing their orange button clear all, is a comma. How do I remove the comma permanently make it a decimal pt.Thx I await your answer.Tommy

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If I chose to pay yearly premium for Jeevan Umang then do I have to pay the 1st premium instantly i.e at the time of buying the policy?

Metal Kezzl

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Edson Soares

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sir jese apne samjhaya ki ager 1 lakh rupe humara bill banta hai or due amount 6000 ager maan lo hum ager sir 50000 kr dete hai payment to usme b cibil scor kharb hoga

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Sir koi aisa insurance hai jisme Puri family to secure krr sakte hai...jaise k me 3 logo k liye ek sath insurance krana chahta hu ,Is it possible??

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the winner should be based on claimed to actual range, not the furthest travelled. the others could just add more batteries

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The driving wheel should be on the left!

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BMW for sure.