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14:11 oh my god XD.Amt petrol ka response kasa ha.But I think it is indeed the secret sauce.Loved the mellowness of your narration.In the comedy timeline i can see the muffler come loose at 18:31 and then the head gasket blows at 18:38!Why dont we have utes in america?

Thumbnail: "Try These Yow".I mention this a lot on my YouTube channel too!Great videos as always.I 20 active bhi 14 ka deti hai 90 km k aas pass.Wake up kiddies.

Cheapest quote without a blackbox on the yaris was 8k so for not sticking with the classic VW bug.Always wash the entire vehicle with a strong detergent or laundry soap and remove any tar or grease before you start to sand or do any body work.Not saying im definitely right with this but i was kind of missing any critical discussion in the comment section.Bhai march2017 model diesel Ford aspire kitne me leplease price batao gadi aachi hai,.Yes I know my car knowledge isnt perfect.

Take home loan and invest in

Take home loan and invest in

Just use a elbow to break windowreally works.Back pesenger is not confortable siting.Aur stable coins key price main zyada variation nahin milti aur unko US Dollar sai back keya huwa hai.I’m not into all the tech but otherwise cool car!Singlehandedly they have fucked it for all us good citizens.Indra Singh Rathore from Jaipur Rajasthan 9785083793.I took her to court for damages and the cost of the belongings that I could not retrieve.Italso helps to watch many videos.

Weeks ago I had already heard

Weeks ago I had already heard

I love being 18 and owning a car in norway.Next big idea cap any one person's wealth at 200 billion for the next hundred years.Is it that we are too simple-minded lacking vision ability to see the world and those in it in full unfiltered reality?They take your money and invest those in shares as market movers,also invest in other sectors like real estate,loans,bonds,gold etc.How can that speaker stay in so good condition.This made MCAT studying a little less unbearable.A first class example of a professional finance analysis.So there’s that.1984 anti sikh riots-delhi.I'm surprised you're Dad has let you live this long.

Any suggestions for

Any suggestions for

No way its cheaper to roll your own tho.Dont get how people buy one for 200 euros just because it has a digital display?The white board is getting old and hard to read at times.You on Instagram bro?May isasangguni lamang po ako, at nais kung makakuha ng legal na sagot hinggil dito.Tsk, tsk head nods from right to left.Bmw audi Mercedes are the same but different names kinda differentcars.Eyalll thakkarkumm rolls royce.Lot's of useful information that will surely help my decision!

Also gives you a bigger roof rack.

Also gives you a bigger roof rack.

Great vid but sad to see you only do Tesla vids.Your a fucken pest Dylan.You a goat my nigga!The text book just sucks about explaining this,.Great presentation glad to find your video.Prize give away?To buy or not to buy a 165 million dollar house?Have you ever considered office space?Watch this space.


Americans have always live beyond their means, that's why they can't even afford a vacation,let alone a day off. They worked like slave to fill the pocket of the 1%.


The Audience is made up of men trying to learn how to manipulate women into bed,the women are there to learn how to get money from men and not have to get into bed.

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MITCHELL !!! Post more often ! not every 6 months jeezzzzz


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You are a wonderful speaker.

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Which is better, Barclay or chase Freedom unlimited????

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Sir policy surrender process pure hone me kitne din lagte hai

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You seem like an MR2 guy.. I say you need one for the channel.