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I started my debt with 1.Bank m bhi bat ki wo log bole wait karo plz kuch bataiye.And at $73,294 Australian (US$48396) drive away price for the base model 3, makes owning one a dream for many.Kudos to you for putting such great videos!Who gave you a mind heart and stomach and make everything living.On cusp of buying a boat.

I got a loaded van in Vernon,only to

I got a loaded van in Vernon,only to

Third party GAP does not.I am 47 and have been driving since I was 16 with no wrecks nor speeding tickets.So though it may seem like they're cutting corners, Volkswagen made an amazing production car from a subsidiary it bought.Lol good on yah haahahaha.Isn’t there some kind of tool the body men use to make thing flat when they are sanding the filler?There is no democracy in candidate selection?Normally, how much are houses?Better than new top gear.

Itna parh likh

Itna parh likh

By the time you get to 850, your too old to care anyway.Then covered with washed crush stone to a depth of 12 inches on top of all this pipe, then you backfill with soil ( we usually use sand,  then top soil on the top layer.Dang I was looking forward to the advantages of those 2 debit cards that you currently have lol.They are so shitty.Options in flexibility of seats and user comforts well explained.Mera konsa sallery account hai.I have been working in Canada 1.Also I am not sure it's a good idea buying on kijiji except you have a mechanic check out the car.I honestly didn’t want this to end.No, you shouldn’t lease a car.

Thank u so much.

Thank u so much.

Wouldnt want the crate to overheat.Now during this time I am using my take home after tax salary of $5k a month to slap down the RoC debt.It takes 10-15 to process.Useful information.They should make it mandatoryfor every company3 percent or more minimum, no less than 3.1 break you study up into little pieces with little rest.Mirror, Signal, Manouevre.Last clip, its possible that was a bfgf or domestic situation of some sort.I agree, it is NOT a supercar.For the computer-based test, will candidates be given 10 minutes to check their answers?

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hi Chris just notice the speedometer gauge arm is under that stop pole. and also I like to said thanks for all your Videos.

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Ive custom painted my own bikes but you have to remember you can kill off resale value on name brand frames. Also you can buy iso free 2 pack clear so you can use a standard mask.

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Passed the PC exam on my first try today. Listened to this video on the drive and it definitely helped as a great refresher!


why 2 channels?

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Kevin: I have been studying your videos like a second job!Today I went to the dealership and came away satisfied instead of stressed.I was prepared to hear all the B.S. and so when it came, I could laugh it off and make my point, even when I needed to employ the good ole broken record technique.And you were so right - the Finance Manager is the boss of the sales rep.This was made crystal clear when during the final negotiations with Mr. Finance Manager, the sales rep needed to be called in to confirm something I said he agreed to.Mr. Finance Manager, who had been so sweet-natured thus far, picked up his phone and called our friend the sales rep.No "Hello, would you mind dropping in to answer a question? Thanks."Nope.It was a very curt: " Where are you????" followed by click as he hung up.As I turned to look, the sales rep was high-tailing it over from the other end of the showroom. In the end, I feel I got the truth, was treated fairly and they also made money.I shook hands with both my new "best friends" and walked out clearly understanding how much I paid.I bought a 2020 Subaru for a good price.I did agree to the gap insurance but nothing else.God Bless you, Kevin.You are doing good work!