GTA 5 Heists #4 - Streme Spoats & Pacific Rim Job! (GTA 5 Online Funny Moments) [Part 1]

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I buy all cars in the world.

I buy all cars in the world.

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good job

Derek Slater

Blue team sucks

Omkar Chodankar

Very good video ! Thanks

Bill Griffin

Jay cracks me up and I really want an F1 but alas, I can't even afford the Corvette I've wanted since 1973.

Kristina A

For some reason the programme wont let me rename the new tabs etc. I click on it and nothing shows up. I even reset it and went over the video like four times to see if I missed or did a step wrong but the rename option just wont show up.

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aditya yeshri

Gaadi kitni chali h pta nhi

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Nice bhai


Nice video


undhoo mein kana raja, aftab forgets that he is in pakistan and acts as a village school master!!

hitesh jariwala

I am investing inHDFC FD for the last 6 years


Kya comprehensive insurance claim me labour charges bhi insurance company pay karti hai ya customer ko pay karna hota hai?

Dill Wiggle

And what would that body work/paint job cost to do like $5 or 10k?

chini tripathi


Felt like the sales intro ferretti did was like listening to the new drug dealer trying to rope me in but just kept saying this shit right here, this shit right here...


I got lucky buying a used 07 ChevyVmax. 3rd winter but I’ll be doing my darn fenders and rockers this summer of 2020at least its not major, it’s got the bubbles.


march 26



German Parfenov


Kandy Westmoreland

How much should a $30K car lease for. 36 months. I’m paying $485/mo. Have I been had?

Kim Anh Tran

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