GROß gegen Klein: Porsche 718 Cayman GTS vs 911 Carrera GTS - AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS

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Thank god for fox

Thank god for fox

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When was this filmed early 90's?

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Please answer! I have been working my ass off trying to find a company to refinance my auto loan. No one will do it though. You said you can do it whenever and sooner is better, but my loan is literally a couple months old and I keep being told that since I'm a first time car buyer and the loan is too new, I have to wait at least 6-12 months with perfect payment history to do it. My credit score is already in the high 600s (though I do have quite a few inquiries from trying to get the loan). Who can I go to and what do Ineed to do to be in a better position to get financed quicker without racking up more unnecessary inquiries?? Also, do you have any tips on how to get inquiries I didn't authorize removed without calling any of the bureau's because every time I call ANY of them they act like they can't do it and when I call the lenders they act like they can't either. I'm in a stalemate right now and no one seems to want to do anything. Do I need to send certified letters to everyone asking them to remove the inquiries? Any help is great appreciated

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Hi Denzel. I am a customer of PenFed. The offer a personal line of credit for up to 25K. This is the only info online: Fixed rate of 14.65% APR - Credit lines up to $25,000 - Free checks to access your line. I ask them about the interest and he told me it's compound interest. Is that good or bad?

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I wonder if he drives a Range Rover

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I was born in 1964...grew up through the 1970s, and had a very strong LOVE for old street machines, muscle cars and customs!!! Back in the mid 1970s you could buy a 1968 Fastback Mustang for $500 or even a Z28 RS/SS Camaro for just around $300 ALL DAY LONG, as these cars were not thought of as "collectable", and in fact even into the 1980s you could buy a 1966 Dodge Charger for $200 or a 1969 Plymouth Super Bird for just around $400 at the time, and nobody would think twice about it!! Parts were cheaper then too! Sure they still cost money, but you didn't have to write off your first born to buy a Rock Crusher Four Speed to put in your 1967 Cutlass 442, and you could literally buy THE CAR and the TRANSMISSION for less than your driveway to be paved, and still have money left over to feed it!! My point is this the "collector car market" today makes no sense!! A four door 1956 Plymouth Savoy should NOT cost more than around $900 which today you see people trying to sell them for $6000 like they were "highly sought after" when they were new...which wasn't the case!!! And in the 1970s you could buy that same car for $25 or $50 and with an hour of work in your driveway have a running car, that you could legally put on the road!! TODAY THOUGH these "collector guys" want to sell you a station wagon as though it is a "rare car" for $8000 and it needs $30,000 worth of work to make it only worth $10,000 of value to start with!!! And even a "Plain Jane" 1965 Mustang with a inline six cylinder engine and "nothing fancy" about it sells like it is a fully loaded 2009 Lamborghini!!! These cars were not worth that kind of money THEN, when they were just 20 years old, and they certainly are NOT WORTH the extreme prices that command now!!! I see a lot of younger folks in here commenting about how these cars have "no fans" and there is "no interest" in buying them, and to a point you'd be correct!!! After all guys like me that got screwed over, by family, friends, wives and ex wives, (and generally life) had an interest in these cars that today are priced WAY out of our price ranges!!! Sure it would be GREAT to own a "decent old car" but not for the money you have to pay for them, and a 1973 Chevy Nova with a 350 V8 was NOT a rare car, when the Yenko SS was a much more sought after option. And with that in mind that same 1973 Nova should NOT cost $30,000 either or $9000 as a "rolling chassis"!! Sure it is a "nice car" but people are asking STUPID MONEY for cars that are not actually "rare" or they expect the guy like me to pay them "big dollars" for a car that needs "big dollars" just to make it run again!! It just doesn't work that way!! You CAN NOT ask $9000 for a car that needs $20,000 worth of work to it, and six months of labor just to make it street legal again!! And sure that 1964 Mercury Comet four door was a neat car even in its day, but it wasn't a "rare" Mercury Cyclone Spoiler from 1970 with a cobra jet motor in it is my point!!

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Guys anybody who brought car insurance certificate from India to Canada?If yes how to get one?

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0:24 Dave's face when he realizes Ben has to do an ad before the actual intro

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I bought a 2013 civic new from the dealership in 2014. My interest rate was 0.9%, car was to be paid off in 5 years, I did it in 3 and a half years. I did the minimum payment while saving money on the side so that I could pay it off early. I still have that car and plan on driving it into the ground. In the 3 ish year period I ended up spending less then $800. If you are smart you can buy a new car with money down and payments and still feel ahead.

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