Gordon Hayward’s half-court attempt for the National Championship deserves a deep rewind

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It's pretty fuckin unbelievable.

It's pretty fuckin unbelievable.

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Hi Pranjal, what if I have an undiagnosed

Hi Pranjal, what if I have an undiagnosed

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Hlo bro i am from arunachal pradesh i want to buy a suv make a video in cheapest price

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Bhai banda great hai


I'm born and raised in NJ and I break the law all the time. If the attendant is too slow I start pumping, and they love getting paid without bothering to pump. I just checked the law and it started in 1951 and the reason was its too dangerous for the consumer to pump their own gas. Maybe they think some dopes might be smoking around the pumps, who knows. The owners of stations are all for self serve since they could save on labor costs.

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There are just certain brands that I'd never buy from. Land Rover is one of them. BMW, Merc, and Audi are others. My wife was hunting for a new car last year and wanted an SUV just for more space with the kids and other stuff. She had her eye on a Velar. I spent weeks talking her out of it and into a Land Cruiser. And anybody that critisizes that doesn't know how rock solid those things are. You could drop a nuke and two things would survive, a cockroach and a Land Cruiser.

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Mehraan Garebon ki sani leone

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1:23 You crazy?!