Getting our rental car at Munich Airport

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I mean the study lamp is a cool idea, but before switching from a university to a commute only, I had a roommate.I can hold off on aftermarket ones for those.Intra day bhi lagega.I keep watching these videos and willing the drivers to rear end people.I'm an AU on my mom's Amex who has had an account since 1986 and my "member since" date distinctly shows when I was added.If u purchase car on emi and If u resale your car after 7 years then the cost of car can be 2.Here I am watching this while driving a 2005 Toyota Corolla.He's on youtube, and spotify.I have no word for you liz.

This episode should be called TEARS FOR TURBOS.Good information, use credit card properly.Its all so disgust ing.All of his methods and knowledge were solid.Very useful video bro.Hahaahah linus my hero.I wonder what subject Matt is a fan of.Bhai adeson account ksy bnana hy.

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So I love when you post!Gagan ji muja please guide Kare muja pasand tho as rahi hai kuv k66str petrol lakin vo 3cylinder hai muja ak aise kar 4cylinder battien joh engine mein silent ho mileage kuch bhi ho joh app suggest Karen. 700000 50000- instalment SBI Life insurance SBI xpress credit loans SBI, Please i request you.More money should be going towards your principal if your paying 6.9%Term 36 MonthsMileage 111000 kms at end of leaseResidual 18,600Lease Payment 780.I'm gonna be honest, even as a viewer, Kitboga acting like this is really irritating lmao xd.

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Mileage ka jhoot bola


The "Value" is stupid. The corporation brand started as a mom pop shop. The logo was then created and they stuck to it and maybe minor modifications. So you can't just say it's worth more to Nike than Jane Johns shop because Nike got that logo WHILE BEING Jane Johns shop size. They no longer need a logo unless it's a rebrand. Your argument for the hourly cost of the logo is stupid too. This is shots in the dark to clients that don't know shit, nothing more. Christ I hope people don't listen to you, they'll have an agency grand opening and grand closing in the same day. Thanks to Fivrr no one can charge that fucking much because the typical client won't know the difference between your $15k logo and the one he spent $50 on because in the end there is NO DIFFERENCE between them, you may argue that there is but that's because you're a prima donna.Thumbs Down.

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Thank you pranjal sir.I'm govt servent, I met you in office 36inc. Thank you for your time.Sir plz make video on best portfolio for government servent mutual fund investment

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Will you sell me el cheapo?

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Wtf was the white truckers problem?

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U get actuall cost of car


Dave should just buy his friend a car

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Welders Matter

Not even worth trying to fix the car bro. They are going to cut out the bend and replace it and weld it. Not going to be the same

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Hey Scotty, I just got an NA Mazda Miata, that is making a clicking sound as if the engine is not running with any oil, however when I checked the dipstick the oil levels were perfect but the dipstick did have a strong smell of gas. Thank for your help

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