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Credit score is good for big loans like mortgage and car payment because the interests decrease.My job reduces it significantly as I'm a taxi driver but the down fall is my public hire insurance is 2700 with 2 years no claims, it was a whopping 4000 when I first started at 23 now 25-26 it's been dropping 500 a year.Very well Ravibhai I am in Suzuki Two wheel.According to my calculator the answer is 2609,92.You guys are doing a good job but try to improve on the audiovolume of your videos.

Very Good Information Thanks Ji.Excellent speculation zone!I blocked someone, but then unblocked them, but now I don't know how to block them if I ever need to again.Ford Capri anyone?00122)My rule is anything higher than 4.Mine was a 06 F150 supercab (extended with a little back door), they used a regular cab, a flooded supercab, and a 95 honda civic hatchback.Cars are the best.You got to wonder what the hell!I balance transfer remaining amount to ICICI and took top-up from ICICI.

So you’ve Beat The Game.It seems to me that recognition of reactive interference can be used to improve many behaviors besides handgun shooting:driving, sports, use of power tools etc.I will play Driveclub.That's not true, to charge from 0% to 100% will cost lot more than $4 for sure.I am so encouraged with this talk.There's an interesting conversation about the trucker.Costco is a 2nd place for this.There is only so much that can be imparted in a short period of time and there is so much to know.I completely doubt Biden’s ability to be president.Great job paying off your home!

Upload more video.

Upload more video.

45 benefit ellathathucustomers nu matram athippol companies yethayalum.A communist or a child groper.199 billion dollars.Thanks for seeing me through these past two days stuck in this chair bronchitis.They should be arrested fals insurance scam.

Old mehran ya

Old mehran ya

Until the infrastructure catches up, it’s going to be frustrating.It almost ended in a fight between my 2 aunts and the the lady behind the desk (that Hispanic blood ignites quick).Never going back to that dealer again.Haven't touched one of those in ages!Sahi kaha bhai ne mere pass baleno zeta pertrol model hai 3 bar chakkar lagene ke bad bhi gadi service nahi kari maruti service sabse bekar hai.You are simply the best example of a woman that I can think of.

Ante Total Onroad Price Ki 1,17,000 Ki Vastadhi Ani Vesaadu Bro.There's nothing wrong with rebuilttitles been doing it for 20 years you always get a pre buy inspection at the dealer I'm still in business!I live in Europe, and believe me, there is nothing to compare.Apke pass konsi car hai?When you pick your used EV, ask the critical question.Flat ke chakkar mei na pado.Without haveing a dad I love YouTube cause it’s like a parent.' Say it how we say in the south 'knee sin' Similar sound to 'listen' - Nissan.

Bhai Full Cost kya aaye Car me?5 lakh, my father is having SBI premium policy of 10 lakhs, sir what is interest rate from SBI premium.Thanks a million!Stop all car negotiations and MSRPInvoice garbage.If you have a good and safe car, stay where you are at.

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I have a Hyundai 1986 sonata with 250k miles still runs like a clock

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Your videos and the attention to detail- I have not found anything wrong with anything you'vedone on your channel- are remarkably incredible. Up at literally 12 at midnight binge watching your videos.Truly the work of a professional. Outstanding. Keep making these videos, I love them!


did you give the stem as a prize?torqueback


Hi Matt, I've survived an frontal collision in 2009, to describe the pain your body is going through, it's impossible. Now, I live in Sweden, the laws regarding to sickness over here are so sick these Days. Before the accident I was a hard worker and paid my taxes, which are a bit higher than in US, Insurance. Now I have to pay a lawyer co to represent my case. That's why I thank you for all your videos especielly with the x ray. Helps me understand the pain that remaind forever in my body. I had 3 vertebrae swollen in the middle of my spine. I hit my head in the front window. And the doctors says there is nothing wrong with me. At the impact, our car Went 37-38 mph and the girl, who died,, was driving  62-63 mph.But I have to tell you, in this video, you are talking about Insurance co, questions about guessing how fast the other driver was at the time and so on... those type of questions are impossible for an injured person to answer, maybe after 2-3 years. You know what happens to the brain, first sign of trauma is forgetting, alot. How can Insurance co ask injured people that kind of details? It's unhuman!!! A crash takes like 2 seconds, then you get some chock IF you survive.Sorry but I get mad with all kind of idiots who doesn't understand. It took me 2 years to remember where and how I was holding my right hand cause it was so swollen. My left arm turned black after 1 month, nobody still do not know why


I've owned a plastic Ford Ka when I was 9, beat that




Now let's send a truck with lockers in the transfer case and axles see what it'll do. With some big beefy 35s

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First time i watched a funnest driving test.31:20


Surely if you had a 'high profile job' you wouldn't be acting like that - whether you were being recorded or not? I understand sometimes you're having a bad day or something but the fact she wasn't apologetic proves she hasn't changed.

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Banknifty index found unda.sir??,

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Nice information thanks.


Trump will destroy the Demonrats..... Nobody will come between God and histrumpet Trump.

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Yeah Federal law the wife gets the better car lol that’s why my wife drives the paid for2015 Mercedes Benz ML350 SUV with seat warmers and I drive the 2010 NIssan Rogue

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Thank you

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Rebuild safety's are twice as had to pass, I think you don't know what your talking about.

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Age 8 saal death pe kitna conponsestion hoga sir

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Potato chip making machine m video banae

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Hi Ashley. Interesting to hear the views on black boxes. We had them on both my sons cars when they passed. The first one was brilliant and in fact when he had a minor bump one evening ( clipped a kerb and got a puncture) they followed up with a phone call the next day making sure he was okay. The second one was a completely different story, with constant emails and threats to with draw insurance even in cases where he was only making good progress. Finally, they lumped and extra cost on because they forecast he would exceed his mileage by the end of 12 months. On balance, if you can possibly afford it I would say avoid them. The second one we had seemed to be a licence to make money.I am an ex ADI and IAM member and I have now managed to get them a good comprehensive cover by me being the policy holder and my sons being the two named drivers. A route that has got the cost down although I wonder if my sons will qualify for NCD being just named drivers with one of them being the main driver. I’d be interested to know your thoughts on this.


I'd love to sit and listen to his stories now, and especially when he gets older,........his grand kids are in for a treat'!

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Hey, great tutorial :) . Unfortunately on Mac at 11:50, this is difficult to plot the secondary axis and I'm not sure how to proceed.

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dezire vdi on road kitne mai aayegi Muje 8.55 lac btai hai kya sahi hai kya....??


"Turtle mode", it should be "Idiot mode" if anyone ever drives the EVs car to a dead battery, lol! Geat vid!