Flying to IRAQ! (Kurdistan)

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The hold music and him calling

The hold music and him calling

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I like big butts.

I like big butts.

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Sorry Matt but you need to have a high I.Q to understand GTA Online

Bob 1

"There's been a lot of ups and downs on our journey". Obviously they were running and should have been wearing a sports bra.I'm so happy bra sizes are going up in Britain though haha. 36DD is now the average? That's amazing.

Red King5000

I still want a sports car lol

Alex Ashford

your such a dickhead

James Y

The BBC missed out not getting you three as the new Top Gear presenters

Vera Kotze

Join me in buying or saving in gold. Swop ur paper money for gold x

Hari kishan

ngl we all searched for this one